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State of the State

So-so State Of The State.
Yes, we have proposed deadlines for procurement of offshore wind, likely off Long Beach for 2018, and 2019. These are just PROPOSALS so don’t get too excited. Pressure and public support will still be needed to make this a reality, as NY does not have a good track record on delivering what is promised in the already too long time frame given.
Overall, it honestly could be much better and we honestly need much better. We will continue to push for more, faster, and to stop any disastrous investments in fossil fuels our children will be saddled with the financial and climate costs for.

The good news is yes- we CAN do something about all these issues, you can help be the change. We are making huge strides in cleaning up our towns and waterways and helping everyday people become better aware of environmental issues and become involved in them, on our reusable bag campaigns, which are succeeding in making change.

Please get involved with our campaigns and make your voice heard. You can volunteer to help here.

January 5th and It’s Already Happening!!!

We knew it would NOT be good news when the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management announced a briefing yesterday on 30 minutes notice.

Apparently your ocean (Yes, including the Atlantic) is being made great again for gas and oil drilling, spills, pollution and everything else that comes with it- huge rollbacks in regulations by executive orders, effective immediately and revoking previous moderated plans.
We will be opposing this at every possible turn and will be joining our allies to bring the public together to stop this.

NYC is moving forward with plans to reopen their access to Nassau County’s drinking water, including the fragile, last remaining source for Long Beach and several other towns. They plan to effectively remove 60% the amount that Nassau does daily. This will have a huge impact.
See article: NYC seeks renewal of permit to tap groundwater shared with LI

In spite of what we were working towards this fall, there now doesn’t seem to be any hearings needed, so our petition may be one of only a few ways to stand up against this.
If you haven’t already, please sign and share our petition here. If you have, please share it now.

Rally to get NY Off Fossil Fuels at Long Beach

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What are we thankful for?

We have the greatest volunteer team around.. and they make it all happen when we call on them. This past week they turned out for a rally on the freezing cold Long Beach Boardwalk to get NY Off Fossil Fuels, covered in Newsday. Thanks to Joanne, Karen, Susan, Shelley, Karin, Jayne, Barbara and everyone else who came out!
They’ve been diligently seeking, collecting, including reusable bag use info sheets, and then distributing reusable bag donations from local businesses for other organizations to give away during the holiday season, many going out this week with Thanksgiving meals in them in Long Beach, Sea Cliff and Lynbrook.

Do you know what else we are thankful for?

You. Thank you for taking this journey with us and for your support!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rally on Long Beach Boardwalk Nov. 18, 2017

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Another unwanted pipeline coming onshore? Just, why?

This Saturday 11/18/17 at noon, we will rally on the Long Beach Boardwalk with our allies from New York Communities for Change, Food & Water Watch, NYPIRG, Sane Energy Project, Move Forward Long Island, Show Up Long Island, Sierra Club Long Island Group and others to send a message to Governor Andrew Cuomo: Stop fracking infrastructure in New York!

As part of a statewide week of action, we’re calling on Governor Cuomo to be a true climate leader: #CuomoWalkTheTalk and get New York #OffFossilFuels: to stop the Williams pipeline and other projects that transport and burn fracked oil & gas and commit to transitioning to 100 percent renewable energy.

On Saturday, November 18 at noon, join us on the Long Beach boardwalk at National Boulevard (in front of the Allegria Hotel).

Save Our Drinking Water in Western Nassau July 19, 2017

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Help save our drinking water in Western Nassau, especially the Long Beach Barrier Island.
Our only source of water is already likely imperiled. Until the current studies we’ve waited years for are completed, we won’t really know how shaky our only aquifer is, but indications are we are already headed for trouble.
Meanwhile… New York City wants to reopen wells in Queens that tap into our only water source, which could have devastating effect on our drinking water.
Millions of gallons of daily water withdrawals in Queens could cause saltwater to be drawn in to Long Beach’s only water source underground, called salt water intrusion, ruining it forever. Something will be drawn to fill the space of the removed water… Without the USGS study conclusions due later this year, we won’t even know how bad it might already be. NYC wants to renew the permits issued decades ago, with no studies or impacts considered before that happens.

New York City, We Love You.
But since we cannot share our only water source without risking permanent damage to that source, and peril to Long Island residents’ only drinking water, YOU MUST STOP THIS ATTEMPT TO EXTRACT LI WATER FOR NYC USE that could have devastating consequences for Long Island, especially as other surface water options exist that NYC could pursue instead!

sign the petition here

The public is completely unaware of this problem and we need you to help get word out.
Please sign and share our petition.

LONG BEACH- ALL YOUR NEIGHBORS MUST BE MADE AWARE OF THIS IMMEDIATELY, COME TOGETHER AND DEMAND OUR WATER BE PROTECTED. The NYS comments period has already closed and no one is alerting the public to this threat.

All Our Energy see the need for action and will not sit quietly by while this threat exists. Other than the Long Beach City Manager and Council President, no other local officials, no one from other south shore municipalities, nor any of the 8 candidates for city council spoke at the June 21 hearing.

This must change.


One last thing-

We feel this threat, living on the barrier island, so we see the need to get involved and are unwilling to just ride out this process on the sidelines. Taking on yet another campaign will stretch our resources and volunteers very thin. We need you to mobilize with us, to volunteer on this campaign and to consider financially supporting us so we can take on this issue and have the resources needed to make this emergency campaign heard.
Other groups are working behind the scenes on the drinking water issue. All Our Energy’s focus on public out reach can bring this issue to the forefront.
We will educate and mobilize our community against this very serious threat and make our voices heard. Join us!

Energy Independence Contest June 2017

contestLooks Like Georgia Avenue is still in the lead!!

The Long Beach State Street Energy Independence Contest is in full swing for residents in the West End! Winning blocks will get funds for their block parties this summer!

Long Beach Checkout Bag Law Implementation

The Long Beach checkout bag law takes effect in just 3 weeks!! We are preparing for the festivities around it.

Our volunteer team has been going door to door to merchants to help them with the transition to reusable bags, partner with them for any questions and concerns they still have, and find solutions for bag giveaways. Susan and Joanne are pictured with Natalie Dangerfield (center), owner of Random LB. Also helping have been Jo, Karin, Karen, and Stacy. Thanks for your work to get this done!

Every bag you help us give out eliminates 1000 needless checkout bags from ending up in our environment! If we can give away 1000, it will eliminate 1 million throwaway bags
You can make this real, tangible impact a reality! Check it out at bit.ly/millionbags

Wind Farm Area Announced Off Long Beach

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management announced the official start of the process to create the wind farm area 11 miles south of our shores at Long Beach



Read Long Beach Herald article here: Feds identify offshore wind farm site

Want to see what it might look like from the beach? Click here
All Our Energy will be advocating 100% FOR IT and advocating it be done to the highest environmental, wildlife, and shared-use standards possible for best outcomes. As residents of a 100 mile long island that is very vulnerable to climate impacts, we cannot afford to stay on the fossil fuels driving that climate change. The impacts of off shore wind would be minute, compared to more or continued dirty energy use.

If you have any questions about it, please contact us and we will address your concerns or find out the answers you seek. 

The Wind 100 June 14, 2014


Join me, Sierra Club, over 20 supporting groups, a league of volunteers, and hundreds of supporters in Long Beach, NY Saturday June 14, 2014 for the Wind 100

Will you be there at this historic event to cheer Matthew Kearns on across the finish line of his 100 mile run from Montauk to Long Beach to bring attention to Long Islands need to get off dirty fossil fuels and switch to clean, efficient, environmentally friendly off shore wind power?

Already hundreds have signed up to come to the rally at the end of the run, which is going to feature bands like “J and the 9’s” and “NOHC” as well as speakers like Mary Anne Hitt, National Director of the Beyond Coal campaign and NY State Senator Dean Skelos.

Event Details

WHO: Wind Energy Supporters, bands including J and the 9’s and NOHC, National Director of the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign Mary Anne Hitt, Roger Clayman from the AFL-CIO, Catherine Bowes from National Wildlife Federation, Senator Dean Skelos, and you!

WHAT: Wind 100 Rally for Wind Power
WHEN: Saturday, June 14, 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
WHERE: Long Beach Boardwalk, 80 West Broadway, Long Beach, NY 11561 (map)


RSVP here: http://action.sierraclub.org/Wind100

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Forward Long Island Off Shore Wind

20140528-075045.jpgimage courtesy Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

May 27, 2014. Today the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, as part of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan to create American jobs, develop domestic clean energy sources and cut carbon pollution, announced it will move forward with a competitive bid process to lease the designated Wind Energy area off Nassau County’s South Shore.

The area, at its smallest point, starts 11 miles off Long Beach, NY. It widens and moves away from that spot, to approximately 19 miles away(see map). This area will be just barely visible from shore on clear days. The turbines should appear shorter and many times less wide than the majority of tanker and cargo ships that continuously sit off Long Beach on any given day.


Due to multiple inquiries of interest to develop the wind farm, BOEM has opened up the area for competitive bidding and is seeking public input on two issues that may impact future wind development offshore New York:

1) a liquefied natural gas facility that has now been proposed to be located in this same area which had already been designated for wind power

2) existing commercial and recreational fishing activity in and around the region.


In editorial response to these issues, All Our Energy are already on record AGAINST the LNG port for a multitude of reasons. You can find that information here : Stop the LNG Port Off Our Shore from June 2013.

As far as affecting commercial and recreational fishing, check out New Jersey’s “Fisherman’s Energy“, a consortium of fishing interests trying to be the people to bring offshore wind to New Jersey (and may very well bid on this project ). They believe it is not only a “cash crop” for fisherman and right for the future of our energy generation, it would also help fishing as it creates an artificial reef that provides fish with habitat to foster greater abundance of fish. They say :”Fishermen’s Energy is a developer of offshore wind energy projects, founded by New Jersey commercial fishermen to respond to the public’s need to develop the ocean for renewable wind energy. Fishermen’s goal is to turn Atlantic coastal waters into an unmatched source of clean energy, while maintaining a vibrant commercial fishing industry.”

You can leave your comments for BOEM by clicking on this link

We believe properly sited, with environmental best practices used, through companies committed for the long term, with long term price assurances, this will be the best thing to happen to assure Long Island’s clean energy future.