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State of the State

So-so State Of The State.
Yes, we have proposed deadlines for procurement of offshore wind, likely off Long Beach for 2018, and 2019. These are just PROPOSALS so don’t get too excited. Pressure and public support will still be needed to make this a reality, as NY does not have a good track record on delivering what is promised in the already too long time frame given.
Overall, it honestly could be much better and we honestly need much better. We will continue to push for more, faster, and to stop any disastrous investments in fossil fuels our children will be saddled with the financial and climate costs for.

The good news is yes- we CAN do something about all these issues, you can help be the change. We are making huge strides in cleaning up our towns and waterways and helping everyday people become better aware of environmental issues and become involved in them, on our reusable bag campaigns, which are succeeding in making change.

Please get involved with our campaigns and make your voice heard. You can volunteer to help here.

Beach Clean Up – Sunset Park, Sea Cliff Dec. 10, 2017

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We are happy to announce a new partnership with the Village of Sea Cliff for the beach clean up you’ve all been waiting for!

On Sunday December 10 we will start at Sea Cliff’s Sunset Park and work our way down to the beach (see flyer above)
Bring your reusable cups and mugs for refreshments!

Would your business like to help sponsor and promote our clean ups? Please let me know!

Off Shore Wind volunteer team kickoff

Right now, our off shore wind public unity and education campaign is about to launch our second phase.


We will be sponsoring events and actions across Long Island, empowering people to become advocates for environmentally and fiscally responsible development of this incredible and readily available resource.  We need your help and involvement to get the word out, to push our officials and our utility to adopt this, Let’s educate our friends, neighbors, children, parents and especially decision-makers, so we can move away from the dirty fossil fuels we use now, and into a comparatively impact-free way we can generate our electricity: from off shore wind.

Join our volunteer team kickoff meeting. We want your energy, ideas, and action to make this a success for all involved.

Thank you for being a part of it!