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Drive Electric Week Event Sept. 9, 2017

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We had a great time at the Drive Electric Week event this weekend with Sunpower by Empower Solar, checking out some electric vehicles. Good to meet some interesting new people who’ve made the change to a fossil fuel-free car and who shared their stories and passion for their EV’s!

Le Prix: Solar Decathlon 2014 Versailles


Last year, Team STATE, winners of the 2013 EmPower Solar Student Competition, went to the U.S. Solar Decathlon in California.

This year, EmPower solar are raising the stakes and will send the 2014 winners to the Solar Competition in Versailles, France.

Do you know a high school student on Long Island or in NYC? Encourage them to enter!

Students, it’s this simple:

  • Pick some teammates. We’re looking for teams of 2-4.
  • Register online here
  • Pick a building in your community that could benefit from going solar.
  • Use the provided worksheet to take a closer look at its solar potential.
  • Produce a creative and fun YouTube video to tell our guest judges why YOU deserve to win.

This Year’s awards night will be in May at the Town of Hempstead Energy Park.

You can find the 2014 competition instructions and registration form here.



Get your passports ready! We wish everyone the best of luck!

EmPower Family Solar Night Student Awards

the sky clears after downpours over the Town of Hempstead's Energy Park at Point Lookout.

the sky clears after downpours over the Town of Hempstead’s Energy Park at Point Lookout.

Thursday, August 8, 2013 EmPower Solar presented Family Solar Night At the Town of Hempstead’s Energy Park at Point Lookout.

The rain couldn’t dampen the festivities as over a dozen student teams found out the winners of EmPower’s student contest.

Touted as possibly the largest collection of electric vehicles in this area.

Touted as possibly the largest collection of electric vehicles in this area. Includes entries from Tesla, Toyota, Ford and BMW.

David Schieren, CEO of EmPower spoke on how » Read more..

EmPower-ing Lido Beach to go solar

EmPower Solar's new Lido Beach community pricing plan, photo courtesy EmPower Solar

EmPower Solar of Island Park is going all out to help residents of Lido Beach grab the solar dream.

EmPower Solar's new Lido Beach community pricing plan, photo courtesy EmPower Solar

EmPower Solar’s new Lido Beach community pricing plan, photo courtesy EmPower Solar

They recently announced their Lido Beach Community Solar Pricing Program. Born of meetings with local residents and civic groups, the idea has come to fruition and EmPower is offering a $750 discount plus an additional sliding scale of incentives for residents in the town of Lido Beach to go solar.

The more residents that go solar through the program, the bigger the discount they all get.

Their goal: 400 kW of solar by the summer.

To help you get there, EmPower Solar is offering Lido Beach homeowners an upfront discount on the price of your system. With an extra tiered community pricing system, the more homeowners who go solar, the more everyone saves.

As part of the program, they will be hosting a solar tour day and event on April 20, 2013.
Residents can see solar power systems right in their own neighborhood, see how they work, and talk directly with what EmPower refers to as their ambassadors [Em-bassadors? ; )].
To qualify for the Community discount, Lido Beach residents must sign their contract with EmPower Solar by the program deadline of May 31, 2013 and participate in at least one ambassador activity.

So Lido Beach residents, if you’ve ever been thinking about going solar, now is the time. Might I also mention that while solar prices have been going down, so have the incentives available, and it is unlikely they’ll continue to be this good.

There’s really just a question to ask with your current LIPA Bill :
what’s the payback period on that?


What’s the payback on a solar power system? 5 1/2 to 7 1/2 years is usually about average.

What are you doing about your share of pollution created for the electricity you use, in addition to your “carbon footprint”. 

Find out by clicking here from the Nature Conservancy’s carbon footprint calculator.


I personally like to think of it this way- are you planning to retire soon?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you were not going to have an electric bill for the remainder of your retirement? You know that electric bill isnt going to do anything but go up between now and then!

Too young to retire? Well may I suggest just retiring from paying an electric bill  5 to 7 years from now?

To find out for yourself, or to get more informatioon on the Solar Tour Event on April 20,  please contact Tara Bono at the number below or at  tbono@empowerces.com or follow the information below:


EmPower Solar contact Information


**for the record, All Our Energy is not affiliated with EmPower solar, we are just getting word out about a program available to residents.  Please contact them for all related information. 


Is Solar Right For You, Lido Beach?

Empower Solar to discuss residential Solar Power at Lido Firehouse

Empower Solar to discuss residential Solar Power at Lido Firehouse


Is solar power right for you? 

Find out this Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at Lido Firehouse.





You’re Invited!   Join the LHCA in learning about the economic and environmental benefits of going solar.



What: Lido Homes Civic Association Monthly Meeting—Featuring presentation by EmPower Solar

When: February 13, 2013—7:30pm

Where: Lido Fire House

What: EmPower Solar will present to homeowners and business owners about the processes, multiple benefits, financing options for going solar.

Who: EmPower Solar is an Island Park based solar energy company that was founded in 2003 . EmPower has successfully installed over 500 systems for homeowners and businesses across the region, saving our customers money by eliminating electric bills.

Note: for emergency reasons, please do not use the parking lot at the Firehouse. Please park on the side streets or at the Middle School.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Lido Homes Civic Association, Inc. & EmPower Solar



EmPower Solar

221 Long Beach Road

Island Park, NY 11558



Can’t make the meeting but still

want to learn more about going solar?

Call Ali at (516) 837-3459 ext. 124

Greenfest at Long Beach, NY

A beautiful day it was, so we got out, taking in the offerings at yesterday’s third annual Greenfest

First, and much to my surprise we were greeted at the entrance by Robert and Barry From Solar Windependence

Robert and Barry From Solar Windependence

Robert and Barry From Solar Windependence

and their out-front-and-center, attention-grabbing display of the much talked about Honeywell Windtronics WT6500 wind turbine.
Groundbreaking and Controversial for the very same reason… It attempts to bring affordable wind power generation in an easier to install unit that achieves the enviable (or questionable) task of rooftop wind(do your own research on that!). Also interesting is the electricity is generated in the outside at the blade tips, as they go around the outer edge instead of at the hub. For the moment, we’re going to defer on wether we like it or not, until we see it in action. Thankfully, Solar Windependence have a number of installations lined up that we can (hopefully) track output and usability issues that have made this unit such a hot topic. We will be checking up on that progress at a later date.

We met the guys from new Long Beach business concept Deco Bike.

The Guys From Deco Bikes

The Guys From Deco Bike. (Left to right:Myles, Dickie, Mike, and Danny)

Another controversial (see Sea By The City) new business with a modern and green concept: they’ll be setting up 13 kiosks in town. You may rent a bike at any of those kiosks and return it at any other, saving gas, taxi trips, traffic congestion and the worry of locking up a bike while you visit the beach, shop, get your car fixed(ha), eat a great meal at one of the local restaurants or whatever.

We spent a few minutes with Dennis Meyers of Home Star Energy Service

Dennis Meyers from Home Star Energy Service

Dennis Meyers from Home Star Energy Service

learning about their free home energy audit, which will yield you a list of solutions from weatherproofing to solar panels to change the way you use energy… In many instances at no cost to you after rebates and energy savings.

We couldn’t help but admire the cool bikes Max from Local Cycles (516.390.7085) had with him.

Max and some custom designs from Local Cycles

Max and some custom designs from Local Cycles

He offered a test drive, but I declined. I said something about wanting to stay on task..maybe next time, but that sure would’ve been a great distraction!

Finally we caught up with EmPower Solar who we’ve met before.

Empower Solar at Greenfest

Darren and Chris from Empower Solar at Greenfest

We spoke to David Schieren about a host of issues including the recent decision to add 33% tariffs to Chinese manufactured solar panels.
He said it is basically bad for the whole industry, but at the same time, the slack on the lower prices will be made up by Malaysian, Indian and other manufacturers. 

When told we’re one of EmPower’s tweeps, he said we’re the first he’s met in person!

We spoke briefly about their involvement with installing the 100kw turbine, solar panels and e/v charging stations for the Town of Hempstead at the town’s Clean Energy Project at Point Lookout.

We also briefly visited other displays from Greener Country,
And Long Beach Kayaks, amongst others there for the day.

Long Beach Kayaks

Long Beach Kayaks

All in all a great day talking with some very interesting people. Too bad, one of the people we were hoping to meet, Joe Sinonna, Long Beach real estate entrepreneur, green advocate and organizer of Greenfest didn’t cross our path. Hope to meet him another time.
Were you there? What did you think?