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WOW (Wind On the Way!!)! On October 2, 2017, New York State stepped up with more new potential off shore wind areas!

You can find out more information from New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) here.

No one could say these aren’t interesting times.
We’re just glad you’re here with us for them!! Thank you for your help and support!

Wind Energy For A Cleaner New York: Report

Heather Leibowitz of Environment New York and David Alicea of Sierra Club focus attention on wind power benefits and expansion.

Heather Leibowitz of Environment New York and David Alicea of Sierra Club focus attention on wind power benefits and expansion.

Environment New York released their new report, “Wind Energy For A Cleaner America” this week.

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The report shows how wind energy is lowering pollution statewide and what that means for our health and environment.

It also outlines steps needed to expand wind energy to reap more of the benefits it provides.

Hear the Director of Environment New York, Heather Leibowitz, who is joined by David Alicea of The Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign, explain and reveal the next steps we need to take.


you can do your part by getting involved at these links:

click here to find the Environment New York report

sign the Sierra Club Petition to Gov. Cuomo to expand wind energy here.

Event: Offshore Wind Power for New York

Citizen’s Campaign for the Environment have announced details of the 3rd Annual Offshore Wind Conference:

Offshore Wind Power for New York:
Reaching America’s Next Clean Energy Frontier

Really looking forward to attending and I urge any and all of you interested, to sign up and attend.

Date: Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Time: 10:00am-2:30pm
Location: The Charles B. Wang Center, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY

Sign up to attend for free here:
Register for Offshore Wind Power for New York: Reaching America’s Next Clean Energy Frontier

From Citizen’s Campaign:

Harnessing New York wind resources offers an opportunity to move toward energy independence while reducing air pollution and the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Wind energy is a clean, emission-free, locally generated source of energy.

Citizens Campaign for the Environment (CCE), Sierra Club, Renewable Energy Long Island (RELI), the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) are pleased to announce the 3rd annual offshore wind conference, Offshore Wind Power for New York: Reaching America’s Next Clean Energy Frontier. This important conversation will focus on how New York is supporting offshore wind development, the environmental and economic benefits to New York from investing in offshore wind, the critical next steps required to move offshore wind power forward in New York, and the advocacy efforts underway to finally make it a reality.

This event is free and open to the public. We hope you can join us!


I will definitely see you there! If you’re attending please drop me a line on the All Our Energy “Contact Us” page here. Let’s meet!

New York 100% renewable by 2030.


This recent study is making waves across the renewable energy community into mainstream media.

This latest study from Stanford Professor Mark Z. Jacobson et al shows just how New York State could accomplish this.

Click here to see the study

I really love the explanations about “why not natural gas”, “why not biofuels”

And especially the use strictly of WWS (wind, water and sunlight).

You really should check it out
Some great maps and graphics!

They’re not the first to point us in the right direction.  Renewable Energy Long Island shiowed the way last year with their Long Island Clean Electricity Vision.

Probably the most important thing to go along with this (you know- besides doing the right thing for our children, our planet and the future) is the infrastructure and manufacturing base that would be born right here of the necessity to make this happen.

That would be a boon to the economy, help pay to fix crumbling and in need of repair infrastructure, and create tens of thousands of jobs. It could start an entire industry that could supply the rest of the world by investing in and succeeding in doing something like this right here.

Of course we would like to see more of this or that in the list. Someone
has shown the way. We should not let the desire for (that creates waiting for) the “perfect” scenario to outweigh the rewards of the success that can be achieved by acting, and by acting now.

It’s very easy everybody! Not the undertaking itself, that is work – but we definitely can do it. What is easy is it can be done if we decide to do it.

That’s it! If we decide to do it there’s nothing else stopping us. The final details would get hammered out. The “oh too bad we can’t do it”‘s would mean we just find a different way to reach 100% that works for the problematic few percent.

Would it be a “failure” if we only got to 90 or 95% by 2030?

What if, by acting now we can do 150% by then, and export the rest to another state to our west to cut down on the fossil fuel pollution they create that blows our way?

NY State Department of Environmental Fracking Conservation?


New York Dept. of Fracking

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation officials and Fracking Interests are running hand in hand… so what about the Environmental Conservation interests of New Yorkers?


Disturbing news is emerging that despite public outcry, the NY State Dept of Environmental Conservation(DEC) is succumbing to intense lobbying efforts from the fracking industry,
***stop press as we just learned ***
or worse may actually already be in bed with them.

It was recently reported in this Huffington Post article “Fracking Industry Enjoyed Privileged Access to Controversial New York DEC Environmental Review” that while public and environmental groups were getting the runaround and being forced to jump through hoops to be heard (and 70,000 chimed in against!), the fracking lobby has not only had direct access to the DEC, they had:

  • several months’ (reports range from 6-10 weeks) early notification of impending regulations and recommendations so they could strategize, organize and maximize their lobbying efforts properly,
  • they have had input on tailoring upcoming regulations, and
  • may have even steered the environmental review process.
  • at best, the DEC have left all these accusations highly questionable-at worst they’re all true.

Then Came this article from Brendan Demelle at desmogblog.com: Science Trumped by Politics In Cuomo’s NY Fracking Plans?

After Governor Cuomo said the regulations would be based on science conducted (which seemed to support the public outcry) and not politics, it seems state employees and regulators may not necessarily see it that way since they allowed fracking industry:

access to drafts of the state’s permit plans,… used that information to lobby hard against testing for radioactivity in wastewater, for example.

it goes on to say

seventy New York state legislators on both sides of the aisle pointed out six major issues they said were under-addressed …
Instead of focusing on issues like these, DEC staff were busy discussing zoning questions with industry lawyers and providing drillers with a chance to weigh in on the expense of complying with environmental protections.

We love the one where the fracking industry is now talking about getting rid of fracking waste “water”- by legally spraying it on local roadways!
You must read it.

****stop press*****
As if this all wasn’t outlandish enough…
it is now coming to light that the person at the DEC in charge of all this, is being outed as a fracking and drilling proponent who also publicly supports climate change denial.

Is that who we want in charge of our state’s Environmental Conservation!!

Read about it here: Top New York Regulator Promoting Shale Gas Signed A Climate Denial Petition Stating That Increases In CO2 Are ‘Beneficial’

It begs the key question:

So is Bradley Field, the petroleum engineer and drilling proponent who can’t remember if he is a climate change denier; the holder of a singularly influential position to determine the outcome of shale gas development in New York state as the issuer of permits and the overseer of regulations — Is this Bradley Field nonpartisan? It’s a relevant question.

Not only relevant, it begs other questions:

  • should any singular unelected government official wield so much power?
  • Shouldn’t that person in charge of environmental conservation always err in favor of environmental conservation?
  • and who is watching the “watcher”?

Now, Grenpeace’s Executive Director Philip Radford has weighed in, and we need to stand with them:Why Is Governor Cuomo Letting a Climate Science Denier Regulate Fracking?  They are asking Mr Field to step down and asking you to sign the petition telling Governor Cuomo to get rid of him. 


We will continue to follow this story…

editors note:
Truth be told, I’ve started and stopped writing this artcle 3 times, the original story here goes back weeks…and I can’t let it go.

To now, All Our Energy has sought to remain pragmatic on political issues and it is overwhelmingly clear, we cannot. Our voice must be heard.

Tide Coming In to NY: Tidal Energy Project Approved

Making news this week is the long talked about tidal energy project along New York City’s East River.
Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy project . Photo courtesy Verdant Power







The Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy (RITE) project has permitting approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission(FERC) to commence.

This is the first-ever US commercial license for Tidal Power.
Under the license, Verdant Power plans to develop » Read more..