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Plastic Bag Upcycling Event Jan. 20, 2018 and Bag It Screening in Sea Cliff Jan. 25, 2018


Hands-on art demonstrations
Kathleen Diresta Collective art installation @ Creative Arts Studio
Plastic bag upcycling event.
Barb Karyo will demonstrate for adults how to crochet reusable bags from plastic bags and teach anyone interested how.
Lori Pappas will lead a children’s workshop where kids will create unique art from recycled items

New Screening of Bag It Movie with the Village of Sea Cliff

On to 2018!!!


What a 2017 its been! Now we build, for a big 2018.

From renewable energy advocacy and expansion, to climate actions and protection of our local environment, we did so much together with you.
And we’ve done it all through the incredible efforts of our volunteer teams. Your support provides the materials and supplies that they need to make change a reality.

As 2017 began, we built community.

Our volunteers reached out to over 150 merchants about the Long Beach Bag law- work no one else would do.
We turned out 80% of the comments on the LIPA & PSEG LI revised plan to include more renewables.
Then we put our fundraising efforts into machine washable reusable bags for those who needed them, instead of our operations…
Because it all needed to be DONE.
None would have happened without our team.



We helped kick off the Long Beach Bag Law with help from so many on Earth Day.
The next week we helped 1000 successfully join the People’s Climate March in Long Beach with our partner organizations.
With those partners, we organized the LI Climate Summit, where over 200 attendees workshopped on ways to address climate change.


With help from our friends at EmPower Solar we launched a far-reaching talk on Long Island community solar.
We helped drive public turnout to hear about the Off Shore Wind Farm off Long Beach
Our Nassau-County-wide reusable bag campaign kicked off in Sea Cliff and Lynbrook, including building teams of local volunteers.
We joined in the Long Beach edition of International Coastal Clean Up day with many incredible partners.


We brought together many partners for the local screening of “Ocean Frontiers 3”, with an amazing panel discussion.
Our Sea Cliff Team made huge strides meeting 600 petition signers in one day, with additional events now involving the Village of Sea Cliff.
We helped remove over 300 pounds of recyclables & trash with the Town of Hempstead at Lido Town Beach
We raised another 900 bags donated from companies, making the total given away this year to over 1600 so everyone can bring their own bag!!

As we go into the new year, support is needed for All Our Energy’s important work to continue into 2018. As a 501c3 organization, all donations to All Our Energy are tax deductible.

You can click here to make a donation.

Thank you for being there with us.

Village Hall Meeting at Sea Cliff Dec. 11, 2017

Our Sea Cliff team made great strides last week, speaking at Village Hall. The Village of Sea Cliff is VERY interested in eliminating checkout bag pollution.

We will be screening Bag It in conjunction with the Village on January 25. Stay tuned for more details.

Village of Sea Cliff Board Meeting Scheduled Dec.11, 2017

Due to snowy conditions on the ground, our Sunday 12/10/17 Sea Cliff “It’s Cool to Care: A Groovy Community Clean Up Walk for the Environment” is postponed. New date coming soon….


We are mobilizing our Sea Cliff Team and supporters to attend the December 11, Monday Night Village of Sea Cliff Board Meeting to show support for action on eliminating needless single use bags and becoming a reusable bag culture.

You should join us!
Be there at 7pm, Sea Cliff Village hall,
300 Sea Cliff Ave, Sea Cliff, NY 11579.

Sea Cliff Reusable Bag Campaign November 2017

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Our Sea Cliff reusable bag campaign team have been super active, getting school-wide screenings of Bag It shown this week, preparing for our first local beach clean up, involving local officials, producing some major art and educational efforts, like these Groovy Solutions showing you already have many plastic bags every week you CANNOT avoid, that you can reuse, and that you probably don’t need single use shopping bags for pet waste. Thanks to Lorraine, John, Lori, Laura, Leslie, Amy, Amy, Judy, Kate, and everyone else making change!
We work with some amazing organizations who are making change, too! Thanks to Food and Water Watch, Move Forward LI, Sane Energy Project, NY Communities for Change, NYPIRG, and many others working for a just transition to a renewable energy economy.

Bag It Screening at Glen Head Nov. 13, 2017

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Thanks to everyone who came to see Bag It at Grassroots in Glen Head! Wow, what a motivated group- lets get this done!!
So many upcoming events, and the Sea Cliff team is really making huge strides getting the message out!
Thanks to Rob and Amy of Grassroots for hosting and donating to the campaign!

Beach Clean Up – Sunset Park, Sea Cliff Dec. 10, 2017

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We are happy to announce a new partnership with the Village of Sea Cliff for the beach clean up you’ve all been waiting for!

On Sunday December 10 we will start at Sea Cliff’s Sunset Park and work our way down to the beach (see flyer above)
Bring your reusable cups and mugs for refreshments!

Would your business like to help sponsor and promote our clean ups? Please let me know!

BYOB Sea Cliff Reusable Bag October 2017

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Did you see the beautiful Sea Cliff artwork by local artist Lori Pappas featured on our “Bring Your Own Bag Sea Cliff” reusable bag? Don’t you just love that mermaid??!!

Support our campaign with an $18 donation (or 2 for $30) and get a high-quality, grocery size, washable, foldable, reusable bag. Proceeds help expand our public education campaign to eliminate needless single use “throwaway” bag pollution. Each time you use it, you do that, and you show your support to become a reusable bag society.
It folds up into that little package that makes bringing it everywhere a breeze, so you can always avoid needless single use plastic pollution!
Email me at george@allourenergy.com to get yours.

Have you signed the petition yet? Go to bit.ly/seacliffbags

Thank you for your support!

Sea Cliff’s Annual “Minimart” Festival October 2017

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As part of our continuing efforts to eliminate needless single use bags, we were busy this weekend!

At Sea Cliff’s Annual “Minimart” town-wide street festival, our volunteers collected over 600 signatures for our petition asking The Village of Sea Cliff to become a reusable bag culture.

We also launched sales of our reusable bag fundraiser with A-mazing Sea-Cliff-Centric art By Lori Pappas. Of course, anyone may donate for these high quality, shopping size, machine washable reusable bags that fold right up into a little pouch so you never have to forget your bag again!

Thanks to our team – Lori, Tina, Karen, Lorraine, John, Amy, Joan, Neda, Iris, and Joanne for helping make such a big impact, meeting so many new friends, and getting word out!

Also – a big thank you to Tracy from The Creative Arts Studio of Sea Cliff for hosting us and putting us on the map!!

Have you signed the petition yet? Go to bit.ly/seacliffbags