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March 2014 News Stories

screen capture of the top of our new home page!

screen capture of the top of our new home page!

Ok, I can now reveal a complete revamp of our main website as seen here!

Check it out at allourenergy.com
It is still not 100% done, its a work in progress and several features are being finished right now.
I doubt the word “done” will ever come to mind in relation to it, as I hope for it to always grow, change and remain fresh…

As you are one our core followers, I’d like any input you may have to help advance our outreach to the general public, businesses, orgs, politicians and others to create conversations, and help ignite interest, expand knowledge and inspire action to bring about the clean energy revolution.


other important and topical news items:

New York State Energy Plan Hearings
Yours truly attended the hearings on New York’s energy plan at SUNY Farmingdale on March 3, 2014.
In my debut, I actually signed up and spoke about it to the State representatives and made the case that the energy plan needs better vision and paths to achieve more renewable energy.
I believe this is showing TONIGHT- March 17 at 9:30 or 10:30 PM on Cablevision Channel 20 with additional footage Thursday March 20 at 3PM and 4PM as well.



As oil and gas interests and conservative media here exploit the crisis in Crimea to call for more fracking, pipelines, LNG Ports etc.(and express their infatuation with and admiration for ruthless, democracy hating, shirtless Dictators),
The European Wind Energy Association reminded them and everyone else that though he can mess with their fossil fuel supplies, Vladamir Putin Can’t Shut down their Wind Energy!!

Up For Climate! 31 Senators insisted on making the case for action on global Climate Change by speaking all night about it. Thanks to our Senators Schumer and Gillibrand plus Senators Booker of NJ, Warren and Markey of MA, Sanders Of VT, Blumenthal and Murphy of CT, and from NH Shaheen and Whitehouse who led the charge on Up For Climate!
The state by state Roadmap to 100% renewable energy by 2050

Last days for high school students to register for the EmPower Solar Student contest 2014
Winners go to Solar Decathlon 2014. in Versailles France!

US Natural gas fail 2014. right when they needed it, windpower saved the day as natural gas came up short.
Paul Gipe serves em up like few can.
Charting Offshore Wind’s Next Course
bits and pieces from the recent Boston area offshore wind conference
some promising news on the wave energy front:
World’s largest wave energy project could supply 62.5 megawatts at peak power
Overreliance on Natural Gas: Risky for the climate and the economy
“More natural gas is a bridge to a warmer world”
Wind Energy Economic and Environmental so many outright lie op eds out there, most from actual paid lobbyists, so here’s a good one that fights back from Maine, where wind energy makes headway against tiny but well funded and even better connected opposition, in a place where wind energy is a “no brainer”.
have you got stories, experiences or thoughts to share? let us know. after all, YOU are All Our Energy!

Happy Global Wind Day 2013

Just want to wish everybody a happy Global Wind Day today June 15.

The Global Wind Day organizers run a great photo contest annually and I will post the links to the winners.

Winners Announced: Global Wind Day 2012 Photo Contest

As a follow up to our previous post, Global Wind Day Photo Contest, from January 20, 2012 the folks at Global Wind Day have announced the winners of their 2012 photo contest.

Click here to see Global Wind Day 2012 Photo Contest Winners

WOW! Some really great shots. Congratulations to the winners!
Did anyone out there enter?
Do you have some great shots of renewable energy?

Global Wind Day: June 15

Global Wind Day Logo

As mentioned in our previous post
Global Wind Day Photo Contest, we want to remind everyone that the date is fast approaching.

What is Global Wind Day?

Global Wind Day is a worldwide event that occurs annually on 15 June. It is a day for discovering wind, its power and the possibilities it holds to change our world.
It is also a day for discovery of the work that has already begun by pioneers around the world. In more than 75 countries around the world, wind farms are in operation, generating energy from a clean and renewable source.-GlobalWindDay.org

We hope you got your photo contest entries in on time.

Check out the Events Map where you can search for local and all other worldwide Global Wind Day events.


The nearest ones to our local area are the Greenpeace-related Energy Week Boston, MA and in Ocean City, NJ where the Sierra Club have organized a kite flying event open to all, to show the power of wind.

It’s no coincidence that these places are where offshore wind projects Cape Wind and the planned NJ offshore projects (Garden State, Fisherman’s Energy, Blue Water -plus, some are just proposals) are close to becoming a reality, and it’s on people’s minds.

Maybe next time, we’ll be holding an event ourselves! What kind of fun wind-related event would you like to be a part of? Let us know!

You can follow more at GlobalWindDay.org
EWEA, the European Wind Energy Association’s blog post Global Wind Day to be Celebrated Across North America

Windmade: The Live Event

Ok, so- no, it’s not an actual event, but the launch of the concept surely is to us here at All Our Energy.


As a follow up to our previous post Windmade: Change You Select, the European (EWEA) Wind Energy Association are putting forth a new concept: make your event Windmade.

The Windmade concept is an alternative driver to not only create a market for, but to help make available wind-powered electricity. They market to manufacturers who can then label amd market their goods as “Windmade” also letting the public choose to purchase products made with true clean energy (and by rights implying the consumer should consider how other products are made). We really like both ideas.

EWEA is showing how it’s done at their own “EWEA 2012” annual conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. All the electricity used will be purchased and used specifically for the event What better place than the world’s leading country for wind turbine manufacturing, community owned wind projects, and
Samsø:Denmark’s Renewable Energy Island

(We’ll also reference you to wind leader Paul Gipe’s Wind Works
article on Samsø: Denmark’s Renewable Energy Island)
And this awesome children’s book about it


Energy Island: How one community harnessed the wind and changed their world by Allan Drummond

We believe the answer to expanding renewable energy is in getting the public involved and aware of renewable energy and help give them access to it, and this project wins on both fronts.

Just imagine… And let us know:
What else could be Windmade?

Global Wind Day photo contest

Global Wind Day Logo

Ok locals.

We have the subject in our backyards here in Point Lookout.

I’ve seen some great shots out there already.

We have a phenomenal backdrop, as well.

Here’s how to enter the Global Wind Day photo contest.

Let me know how you do!