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We believe in free speech: we value your input and opinions. This is our space and there are some rules, which may be modified anytime we deem it necessary:

a) No spamminess. Limit yourself to 2 links per post.

b) No foul language, name calling, threats, e-stalking, (this list will grow as needed)

c) We prefer to be SOLUTIONS oriented, meaning political whining, berating or just pointing out problems may not necessarily be post-worthy and may be deleted. If you’re going to CONTRIBUTE know what that means.

d) If you want us to backlink / trackback to your blog or website, please backlink / trackback to US, and then ask us to reciprocate. We still may not do so for any number of reasons, but at least you made an honest effort to belong to OUR community, too. It will go a long way in our deciding to do so.

We reserve the right to interpret these rules as we see fit, delete any post from anyone at anytime, and/or ban anyone from posting here at our sole discretion. Be respectful, be heard… or not.

It is a sternly held ideal here at All Our Energy that our greatest concepts, advancements and ideas may actually come from people who are not necessarily in line with, or in favor of what we believe in. We are open to anyone’s SOLUTIONS to the problems we face as a planet, country, and as people.

Staying the same, changing nothing, doing nothing, contributing nothing but still taking: these are NOT solutions. There is no going back, and you cannot stop the inevitable tomorrow from happening forever.

We must rise to the challenge, meet it head on with steadfast resolve: drive on until solutions are achieved by working together for the mutual benefit of all.

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