Point Lookout Wind Turbine: Quotes

Just an unofficial running reporting of what people have to say about the wind turbine at Point Lookout:

In person:

“That’s great. They should line them up down (Lido Blvd). Whatever it takes to get us off of oil. I can’t see why people wouldn’t like it, it looks futuristic.” -Cab driver from Merrick Taxi 12/8/11

“If you didn’t see it, you wouldn’t know what it was.” -former Point resident (not Yogi Berra, but hysterical just the same!) 12/28/11

“I think it’s neat, very cool.”-college student from Lido Beach, 1/16/12

“100 Kilowatt hours, that’s alot of power… this is the future”-Mir Saidtour, College Professor 9/25/12

“I Cant Believe how quiet it is, even right here[below it].” -Stephen Spinato 9/25/12

“There’s alot of power… I thought it would be taller.” – Anthony Nardeo 9/25/12


  1. Gayle Benson says:

    I love driving by and seeing the Point Lookout wind turbine. I see it as a strong, silent & oddly beautiful symbol. I am puzzled why it is all alone, with no others like it nearby. I am also concerned that it has not seemed to be moving at all in the past week, even though the flags were waving in the breeze. What is its status, & where does its power go? Also, does it have a name? (You don’t have to answer that last question.)

    • George says:

      Great thoughts and questions.
      I don’t know why it’s still this week. Hmmm..
      There is a small one nearby the water tower at the marina(but big enough to power a small house), just visible from the road, though we certainly could fit more!!! The power goes to make hydrogen for their vehicle fleet, and the leftover is sent onto the grid for you and we to use. Thanks for sharing!

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