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Breaking: Long Beach Recycling to Change in only 12 Days on 1/1/2021

Why doesn’t anyone know?




In the fall of 2019, we knew that City of Long Beach Recycling would soon change and become more complicated during the City’s 10-year Waste Management Plan hearing process. We thank everyone who got involved, attended, and helped get answers from the city and the contractor. You can see our filed comments on the plan here. 
There, we pushed for maximum communication from the city, and city officials promised they would educate residents many months before the recycling contract ran out on 12/31/2020. We supported their efforts to win public education matching grant funding, which they have been granted.  We know its a tough year, and here is what is happening:

Recycling will change in Long Beach… in just 12 days- during a pandemic, over holiday time with still no notice from the city to residents.

We had been waiting for details but can no longer wait to let you know – it will be very difficult to educate the public, and time is running out!

We spoke to the city 3 weeks ago to offer support and help to assure success of any new program rollout. We asked it be announced at tree and menorah lightings and any other city events to get word out. The City of Long Beach must do better on public communication for this to succeed!  Though the city has not released details as yet, the basic new program we were told will be:
Dual stream(all still to be confirmed):
  1. paper products must be separated for one pickup; and
  2. other items together in another pickup (status of glass not confirmed).
    1. We commend the city who told us they are still PICKING THEM BOTH UP WEEKLY ON THE SAME DAY AS EACH OTHER, WITH TWO SEPARATE TRUCKS. This is huge to keep the items from building up, from getting trashed, and/or from blowing away to become pollution!
    2. This MAY require recycling pickup dates to CHANGE, as they may break up the citywide pickup into smaller areas, each with it’s own pickup day (awaiting details).
  3. there likely will be other new instructions, restrictions, changes, and exclusions that we are not yet aware of, that could complicate public education and a smooth transition
  4. residents could more easily make the change if given the info and time, and we are disappointed that although they said they had a plan, written instructions, and everything ready to go for weeks, and after a two week delay on voting the measure in, that there is still no release of this information to the public.
Lack of … time, public awareness, acceptance, and education will lead to a difficult launch on January 1, and could lead to a potential backlash against the concept of recycling, as well as recyclables mistakenly blown away into the environment, which is why we have ardently advocated to AVOID miscommunication!  In other places, the same process played out over last year’s holiday season, when it is so difficult to get people’s attention. Predictably, it did not go well.   see- Residents criticize rollout of Valley Stream recycling program. Rocky start for dual-stream?
Valley Stream Village officials held a presentation, got a front-page Herald article, used social media, sent robocalls and flyers mailed to homes, plus other communications. It wasn’t enough. Hundreds of complaints came in and confusion went on for weeks. We asked the City of Long Beach to please avoid this mistake with clear communication. With COVID and cancelled City Council meetings, we understand it has been difficult to turn the information around. Still, it is 4 days since the council approved the change and nothing has been done.
We agree with leaders in Valley Stream and Long Beach that solving the materials waste and recycling crisis needs to be a priority on the STATEWIDE LEVEL. The separate small municipalities, who are each responsible for their own waste removal, cannot address the “big picture” issues alone, when they are all governed by statewide law.
Our Zero Single Use campaign rolls out in the coming weeks, which will address the underlying issues causing our materials and recycling problems.
If you would like to be part of that volunteer team or to help get word out about the new recycling changes in Long Beach- please sign up here for more detailed information as it becomes available.
All Our Energy stand ready to help Long Beach maintain a robust recycling program, with maximum participation and awareness, to best protect our environment, and stand ready to help the program succeed.
To do so, the City must communicate now!

International Coastal Cleanup Day Sept. 16, 2017

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Many thanks to our volunteers who helped get word out about the threats to the Long Beach area’s water supply-Marc(not pictured), Shelly, Joanne, Joan, and Stacy. Great work by The City of Long Beach and all the partner organizations who made it such a success- Fabien Cousteau and the FC Ocean Learning Center, Surfrider Central LI, Operation SPLASH, Ocean Conservancy, Littoral Society, and Skudin Surf and of course the work of middle school teacher and Stewards of the Sea’s Laura Swan and LB high school teacher extraordinaire Cody Onufrock.

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Ocean Frontiers III Screening Oct. 19, 2017

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Film Screening: Ocean Frontiers III: Leaders in Ocean Stewardship & the New Blue Economy

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Long Beach Public Library
111 West Park Ave, Long Beach, New York 11561


Join All Our Energy, Surfrider Foundation Central LI, Operation SPLASH, and more for a truly unique and hopeful ocean film that chronicles efforts to plan for a healthy, safe, and sustainable future.

It explores the intersection of national security, maritime commerce, fishing, and recreation, plus expanding industries such as offshore wind energy and aquaculture, coupled with scientific discovery. The film tells the story of how ocean planning helps us manage and balance all the uses of our ocean to keep it thriving for generations to come.

Savor rare underwater footage of stunning marine life along the coast from Virginia to Maine and hear from a range of people who are leading the way to a sustainable and thriving ocean.

Stay after the film for an enlightening panel discussion with question and answer session, featuring diverse experts:
-Merry Camhi of Wildlife Conservation Society,
-Christer af Geijerstam of Statoil New York Offshore Wind Project,
-Matt Gove of Surfrider Foundation, and
-Captain John Mc Murray, Charter Captain and Legislative Commissioner on Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission

See You There!

Earth Day in Long Beach April 22, 2017

unnamedWhat a well attended and fun Earth day in Long Beach! Hundreds of people joined for the Jellyfish Jamboree Parade and the events at city hall as the bag law took effect. Thousands of bags were given away, and more are going out through city channels now.

Though a few are complaining about the bag law going into effect, the reports we have gotten back from actual retailers who do business are that the public reaction is much better than they expected and most people understand. We witnessed many, many people bringing their own bags shopping this weekend with smiles on their faces.

We remain committed to seeing city bag giveaways reach their intended targets and to addressing issues ourselves, and just delivered over 200 bags our volunteers sourced directly to seniors and organizations who otherwise might be left out.

Help us meet these needs and donate to our Reusable Bag Fund here

People’s Climate March: Long Beach, NY April 29, 2017

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We are definitely gearing up for a fun and meaningful time at the Long Beach People’s Climate March official sister event. Thanks to all who have stepped up to volunteer to make it a success.

All Our Energy invite you to join us and Sierra Club Beyond Coal, Long Island Progressive Coalition, Sane Energy Project, Interfaith Power and Light, NY Communities for Change and many more for the official People’s Climate March sister event in LONG BEACH on 4/29/17 at 10am.
Bring your signs, your art, your smiles, and some friends to stand up for who and what we love.
Together we are going to have fun, and make the world we want a reality!

Make Art for Earth April 11, 2017

On Tuesday 4/11/17, Laura Swan and Stewards of the Sea will host an art build to make signs and visuals for both that and Earth Day events.

Report: December 2016 Beach Sweep

decgroup Thanks to all that came out to our December Beach Sweep, including Councilwoman Anissa Moore!

94 lbs of yucky garbage, plastic bags, recyclables and debris removed.
decer4 grody cups, 3 garbage bags, 2 styrofoam blocks and a partridge in a pear tree.
Okay just a tire, but we’re trying to get into the season.
decjo Thanks for the gift of your help and camaraderie to make our beach shine.

Thanks to our partners The Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation, Surfrider Foundation- Central Long Island Chapter,City of Long Beach, New York (OFFICIAL) and the BYO Bag LB team.

Event: December Beach Sweep



Saturday December 3. 2016 10am
December Beach Sweep
1 Neptune Blvd, (at the beach)
Long Beach, NY 11561

Join our final beach clean up of the season.

All Our Energy, the BYO Bag LB campaign, Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation, Surfrider Foundation Central LI Chapter, the City of Long Beach and others will get out to clean the beach one last time for 2016. Let’s make it count!

Report: Brighten the Bay Clean Up

Saturday November 5, 2016 was the “Brighten the Bay” clean up on the Long Beach Bay front.

Can you guess how many pounds of trash and recyclables were removed?


Considering we had all our buckets completely filled within 5 minutes and had to make an emergency run for more contractor bags, If you said anything less than 1,100 pounds, it would be too low. Yes, that’s not a typo- eleven hundred.
There were empty propane tanks, bicycles, furniture, engine parts, dock materials, building materials, and all sorts of other discarded items.
We also compiled 5 contractor bags of recyclable bottles, cans, metals, plastics, etc.


img_6061Thanks to Surfrider Foundation- Central Long Island Chapter, The Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation, BYO Bag LB, Long Beach Martin Luther King Center and the City of Long Beach for coming together for this.
Together, we all made a huge difference!

Event: Brighten the Bay Clean Up


Saturday 11/5/16 at 10am

Brighten the Bay: Bay Front Clean Up

Riverside Blvd at the Bay- Under the water tower.
800 Riverside Blvd, Long Beach, NY for google maps


**Protective boots and gloves strongly recommended for waterline area, with plenty of other nearby cleanup needed for those without.

Join your neighbors and friends. Make a difference for our bayfront, our residents, and our wildlife; and contribute the results to science. The Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation will join All Our Energy, Surfrider Foundation – Central LI, The City of Long Beach and the BYO Bag LB team to collect and document the trash we remove. Be part of it- All materials supplied, all ages welcome with an adult.