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Governor Cuomo Urged to Make Wind Power a Priority in 2014


December 18, 2013, Hauppague NY. Today, Sierra Club and New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG), amongst other supporters, delivered the 12,944 signatures they received to the Long Island office of Governor Andrew Cuomo, calling on the governor to expand and support wind energy in New York.

“This outpouring of public support for wind power demonstrates that New Yorkers are ready for Governor Cuomo to make our state a national wind power leader,” said Sierra Club Organizer David Alicea. “Governor Cuomo can lead us into the 21st century by making a strong commitment on wind energy that will boost our economy, create jobs, and clean up our air.”

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Upcoming Event: LI Clean Energy Forum -12/4/2012 , 7 PM

Visions of Long Island's Energy Future

Come to The Long Island Clean Energy Forum: Navigating NY’s Energy Crossroads. Tuesday December 4th 7:00 to 9:00 PM.
This is what Long Island’s energy future should look like.

Come ready to learn your role in the push for clean energy…


So, what’s everybody doing next Tuesday, December 4, 2012 at 7PM?

Our friends at Renewable Energy Long Island woke us up to this upcoming event.

“At this forum, you will hear from a panel of well-respected individuals in the clean energy field, including Adrienne Esposito of Citizen’s Campaign for the Environment, Peter Olmsted of the Vote Solar Initiative, Gordian Raacke of Renewable Energy Long Island, as well as a representative from the offshore wind company Deepwater Wind.” –

Please join the Sierra Club and the Green Sanctuary of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock on the evening of Tuesday, December 4th, 7 to 9 pm for a discussion on Long Island’s clean energy future. The forum will be held in the Social Hall of the UU Congregation at Shelter Rock at 48 Shelter Rock Rd, Manhasset, NY 11030. You can find directions here: http://www.uucsr.org/find.asp

The Clean Energy Forum will provide a great opportunity to learn more about the current turning point in our energy policy and which path we need to take to achieve the future we want to see. This will be an action oriented discussion so

come ready to learn your role in the push for clean energy.


Find all the information and attendee registration here:

LI Clean Energy Forum: Navigating NY’s Energy Crossroads


You know, we here at All Our Energy are all about public awareness, involvement, and organization, so bring a friend and if you see me, say Hi.

Feel free to invite others you know with the “share” buttons below!!!

NY and East Coast Offshore Wind


View off the Long Island South Shore off shore wind farm

Our representation of what the proposed offshore wind farm will look like from the area beaches. Can you see the turbines?
Well you won’t be able to, so we didn’t even bother to photoshop them in!

Two articles floating today you need to know about.  

First up is  East Coast Could be Powered by Wind  from Jake Richardson at Cleantechnica.   It describes how the ENTIRE east coast could be powered by 100% offshore wind power.


Second is an incredibly well thought out and in-depth look at…

The Turning Point for Atlantic Offshore Wind Energy from Catherine Bowes and Justin Allegro at National Wildlife Federation

Check out their FULL REPORT: The Turning Point for Atlantic Offshore Wind Energy: Time for Action to Create Jobs, Reduce Pollution, Protect Wildlife & Secure America’s Energy Future (pdf)

How do we help others get it, and see it’s interconnected-

  • create jobs,
  • reduce pollution,
  • protect wildlife,
  • secure America..?

                                   your suggestions…???

Care To See the Wind?

Check out this new map from Hint.fm which artfully shows the living wind around us.


Always said in the renewables community: “if the public could just see the pollution in the air from fossil fuels, we would have full scale renewable energy tomorrow”.

I also think, “If they could only see the invisible power of the wind, just waiting to be harnessed, it could spark public interest; the imaginations of young and old alike, and demonstrate what awaits if we just act and demand wind energy.”

What a beautiful depiction of the resource in a way that serves as a great beginning toward better awareness of what is… and what could be.

If we would all just care to see the wind.

Talking More Wind Power at Point Lookout

bay view: Point Lookout wind turbine
Referring to an excellent pictorial from Shaun at Sea By the City, there’s quite a few questions flying around. I see an opportunity to help people who favor renewable energy get more involved through gaining knowledge: one of All Our Energy’s main goals.

A great comment:

MHC on Saturday, January 14th, 2012 at 5:24 pm
Why only ONE turbine?

There’s plenty of room for unobtrusively placing a couple more. Any talk of one or two more?


I don’t know. Let’s talk about it!

From a personal

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Wind Power Explained

Great article and chart, although I must call out the questionable info in their “negatives” section. I am tired of giving “equal time” to pros and cons, is if that is “journalism”. Thus, we get comparisons that do not have EQUAL WEIGHT, and ignore that it is the journalist’s job to show the balance to the weight of these arguments.

-First, there is actually evidence showing property values static or even increasing with a wind turbine in view.

-They clarify the bird issue (thank you).

-They murk the waters stating coal is cheaper, but if you’re paying attention, coal is only cheaper because the real costs are not factored in to the price of the coal. It’s as if dirty energy, pollution, and the external costs of those aren’t happening.(refer to previous article Why Wind.)

Other than that small digression, which I just couldn’t let go without comment; it’s very cool, an excellent visual chart, so all is forgiven.

check it here:

Wind Power Explained

Why Wind?


Why wind?


“You mean not even getting into the bigger picture issues like: why change, why renewable energy, why stop polluting, why stop causing climate change and a hundred other ‘whys’?”  I ask myself.


Well, let’s look at some readily checkable facts when we ask, “Why wind”?

It’s generally agreed » Read more..

Windmade:Change You Select



windmade    Check out this great idea:



You, as a responsible consumer (or not), can choose to buy products for numerous reasons versus another product.  Now, you may also choose an item that has added value, because it was made with clean, renewable wind power.


See the website and video here: Windmade




How did this all come about?

Well, basically, it’s really windy where I live.   That’s great in July and August, when my town is 10-15 degrees cooler than the “mainland”.   The other 9-10 months of the year, it makes it quite a bit more uncomfortably cooler here than elsewhere. Best I can tell, that means I get 3 good months, 9 less-than-desirable months.  This imbalance has weighed on my thoughts, especially in the winter months, if and when I could hear myself think over the loud bluster; the virtually continuous 20-30 mile-per-hour squall that blows from Columbus Day straight through until Memorial Day, when it then moderates to what is known as a just a “fresh breeze” at about 15-20 MPH, then the cycle repeats; the cycle and its phases a continuous reminder in those thoughts. 

As I’ve grown older and less resistant to the cool weather, I kept (keep?) thinking: if I could just capture all that wind to do my bidding, I would feel like I’ve fought back against the sheer slap to the face it can be on particularly “brisk” days; maybe making it worthwhile to put up with; its untamed nature tamed by the mastery of my very impressive hand.

All joking aside, I had spent many waking (and sleeping) hours dreaming up wind power systems.

Thanks to my wonderful wife and loving son, I received a gift that would change everything: Wind Power: Renewable Energy for Home, Farm or Business by Paul Gipe.

Cover-Wind Power by Paul Gipe

Wind Power by Paul Gipe

Understand:  this book is the equivalent of the bible, when it comes to wind energy.   I was engrossed in it and devoured it quickly.  When finished, I eagerly re-read it.  I probably refer to it several times a week, or more. 

Now crushed by my new understanding that my “unbelievable” designs really were, and had been proven not viable, I went through all the phases of grief. Pulling myself together, I moved on to the concept of having my own modern version of the familiar wind turbine, to both offset my use and maybe generate some extra for cash, the book unfortunately also dashed these dreams on numerous fronts: siting, zoning, grid interconnection and how impossible it might be to actually be paid for my power generation.

Really, a fantastic, truly enlightening book; I hold no grudge.  I know to embrace the messenger.  Great is great-my dreams aside.  New dreams have arisen, this time more reality-based, thanks to Mr Gipe’s in-depth explanations and examples.


Cover -Wind Energy Basics by Paul Gipe

Wind Energy Basics by Paul Gipe

If you cannot make it through Wind Power and its considerable bulk, descriptions, explanations and in-depth information; all of which is highly understandable for the average person, there is another alternative:

Wind Energy Basics (2009 edition) By Paul Gipe, which is an extremely condensed version PLUS has invaluable additional information, including completely necessary, exclusive chapters about Community Wind and more. In his summary chapter, he shows how much of our electricity could easily be coming from wind (we could have had 40% of our entire country’s electricity from free wind energy right nowfor the low, low price of the Iraq War thru only 2008!); how advancing every household a wind turbine credit would actually double back it’s investment, and also how such a large percentage of wind power usage could be attained; logistically, financially, and what it would mean economically for our country.   We have what we need right now to make it happen, except real leadership.

So, what will make it happen?  

It would seem everyday people, like you and I, DECIDING to do something about it, and then following through and acting on that decision is what it is going to take.   It’s pretty obvious the people that seem to be entrusted by the public with making this happen, ARE NOT. 

The system currently in place IS NOT working.  Sadly, even the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has set their sights VERY LOW at wind energy only being 20% of this country’s usage by 2030.    20% in 20+years, from the group that is supposed to be leading the charge?   I much prefer Mr. Gipe’s vision of 40%, including his prescription for how it can happen; that it is not just wishful thinking.     

Don’t take my word, read these books.  Spread the word.   Ask your local bookstore to carry them.  Give them as gifts.  Request them at your library.  

Since then, I have still been imagining what can be, educating myself, trying to move these thoughts forward into something tangible, real, meaningful; and will continue along this path wherever it leads.  

You can also check out Paul Gipe’s website: Wind-Works