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Event: Sustainability In Focus, NYC

All Our Energy will be part of the panel for this event.  

Sustainability in FocusInternational Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) – NYC Chapter – July 28th Event

 Join the launch of the ISSP-Greater NYC film series, Sustainability In Focus, and an outdoor terrace celebration of the inaugural year!

Sustainability In Focus kicks off with the award-winning Ocean Frontiers II. Produced by the visionary Green Fire Productions, Ocean Frontiers II travels off the shores of New England where a wave of big ships, energy industries, and a changing climate are now testing the limits of an already crowded sea. But on a pioneering path of far-sighted planning—pushed by blueprints for offshore wind energy—old residents and new have come together to keep their ocean and livelihoods alive.

A deeply researched film, Ocean Frontiers II reveals the issues within the pending Mid-Atlantic Ocean Action Plan, just recently released to public comment before being finalized this fall. Following the screening, an expert panel will discuss the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Action Plan and its potential impact on the Northeastern seas of the United States.

After the panel, ISSP-Greater NYC invites you to an outdoor reception overlooking Rockefeller Plaza to celebrate our chapter’s inaugural year!

Ocean Frontiers II: A New England Story for Sustaining the Sea

Date, Time, & Location:

Thursday, July 28th, 5:30pm – 8pm

Registration: 5:30pm – 6:00pm

Screening: 6:00pm (Please note that the screening begins promptly at 6:00pm and unfortunately no latecomers can be admitted).

Where: Natural Color Diamond Association, 22 W 48th Street, Suite 1400 (between 5th & 6th Avenues), New York City

Wines and refreshments will be provided.



Space is limited – register today!

Current ISSP Members: $10

Non-members: $25

After July 25th or at the door, all attendees: $35
For more information on this event and the ISSP Greater NYC Chapter, please contact:

Mark Wolf,, 917-608-0348.

Successful Rally for Reusable Bags

All photos by Jason Paluck

LONG BEACH, NY – July 19, 2016 – The BYO Bag LB campaign and over 125 supporters rallied at City Hall before the City Council’s meeting, requesting that the city take action on single-use plastic bag pollution.
They debuted over 2,512 signatures from residents, visitors, and business owners in support of city action. A mural of reminder easily wrapped around the plaza: 500 plastic bags tied end to end -the average person’s annual usage.

“Of the thousands of shoppers, merchants, and visitors we have talked to, the overwhelming majority support this community-building positive change,” said George Povall, Director of All Our Energy. “Pricing ‘free’ checkout bags, which become either waste or pollution after just 12 minutes of use, encourages you to bring your own bag.”
Large artful signs, many handmade by students, included a sea turtle from plastic bags and giant reusable bag. Four members of the Stewards of the Sea Youth Team jumped in it and sang “All we are saying…is bring your own bag!”

“The voices of our Long Beach children are in their artwork (calling) for a non-plastic ridden tomorrow,” Said Laura O’Shaughnessy-Swan, Coordinator for Stewards of the Sea. “This must begin at home with the support of our Long Beach City Council’s elimination of single use plastic bag pollution.”


The first speaker was Finn Ashmead, a high school senior who started a student petition and acquired hundreds of signatures, which inspired another dozen students to do the same. “This ordinance is a very simple step we can take to reduce our local pollution, and make Long Beach a much cleaner place”.

Leah Tozer of the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce introduced their letter of support for action. “Plastic pollution is a pervasive problem that hurts our city’s assets and natural resources. We want to solve that problem together, for the benefit of our city, our residents and Chamber of Commerce members.”


“I am here as a City Council Member in support of a reusable bag ordinance,” City Councilwoman Eileen Goggin said. “I am committed to making this happen”. Council Member Anissa Moore also pledged support for bringing the community together to solve this problem. City Council President Len Torres also spoke in favor and then brought the sentiment in to the city council meeting where he spoke of taking action on the issue.



Local environmentalist Scott Bochner underscored this same sentiment, saying, “This is a legacy issue for the City of Long Beach and for our children. Long Beach will lead and be the first community in Nassau County to pass legislation to eliminate single use plastic bags.”

Event: Our Undersea World: An Unnatural Danger


Monday 7/25/16 @ 7pm
Long Beach Public Library
111 West Park Ave
Long Beach, NY

Marine debris is adversely affecting marine animals at an alarming rate. The BYO Bag LB campaign and The Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation present “Our Undersea World: An Unnatural Danger”

The effects of plastic and other pollution on marine life will be discussed, as well as stories about specific animals that stranded due to pollution. A question and answer session will follow with experts from The Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation.

Learn how to take a stand against this human-induced occurrence, and give these animals the best chance of survival. Help reduce the amount of marine debris entering the environment, before it can harm a marine animal, and create a safer environment for future generations of humans and marine animals alike.

Rally Tonight @LB City Hall



See you at the Rally!  Let the reusable bag revolution Begin!

Big art, speakers, signs and free ice cream for attendees donated thank you to Brian Braddish at Beachside Services!


Long Beach City Hall

1 West Chester St

Long Beach NY

Join the Rally for Reusable Bags





All hands on deck! Rally at LB City hall- we need your support to stop plastic bag pollution NOW!

Tuesday July 19, 2016 6pm City Hall: Rally 4 Reusable Bags

AFTER THE RALLY- we encourage all to attend the city council meeting and speak at the “Good and Welfare” public input session!!

BYO Bag LB Marsh Clean Up 

Joan had the catch of the day

Joan had the catch of the day

The BYO Bag LB team cleaned up some unbelievably trash and plastic polluted bay marsh land this past Saturday.   Led by Scott Bochner, with the help of Operation Splash, Surfrider Foundation- Central Long Island Chapter, Sludge Stoppers Task Force, All Our Energy, SunPower by EmPower Solar, and thanks to City of Long Beach, New York for support, we made a big difference in the cleanliness of one section of marsh.

Some of the brave volunteers from our Marsh/Bay clean up. In a short time, we pulled about 20 full size garbage bags of mostly plastic and styrofoam debris off of about 500 feet of marsh.

Some of the brave volunteers from our Marsh/Bay clean up. In a short time, we pulled about 20 full size garbage bags of mostly plastic and styrofoam debris off of about 500 feet of marsh.













In a short time, we pulled about 20 full size garbage bags of mostly plastic and styrofoam debris off of about 500 feet of marsh.

Scott Bochner, up to his hip boots in debris cleaned off the Marsh.

Scott Bochner, up to his hip boots in debris cleaned off the Marsh.

Hoses, foam seats, lots of #plastic and #styrofoamcup pieces, #plasticbottles, cigarette butts, and the dreaded shredded #plasticbag debris.


The dreaded, shredded, plastic bag debris.  Yuck!

The dreaded, shredded, plastic bag debris. Yuck!

Good work and also sad how much it needs to be done! Thanks to all who helped.

We Kick Off “LBNY Plastic Free July”

The BYOB Bag LB team bring the Plastic Free July challenge to Long Beach, NY.

plastic-free-july-logo-straight-lgeWe’ve organized many events this July to raise awareness of the dangers and damage plastic pollution causes, and issue the Plastic Free July challenge to you!

find all the goings on at our Plastic Free July web page

Take the challenge:
Attempt to refuse single-use plastic 
for a day, week, or whole month of July. “Single-use” includes plastic shopping bags, plastic cups, straws, plastic packaging… anything that’s intended only to be used once and then discarded. click here to take the challenge and share your experience

Join our BYO Bag LB Plastic Free July Events and volunteer team:

 July 2 MYOB: Make Your Own Reusable Bag

July 6 “Bag It” Free Movie At Gentle Brew

July 9 Bay And Marsh Clean Up

July 19 (tentative) City Hall Show Of Support To Stop Plastic Pollution.
(Event link coming soon)

July 25 Our Undersea World: An Unnatural Danger.
Pollution hurts marine animals. Presentation and discussion With Riverhead Foundation For Marine Research And Preservation








Please share all the events, info and the challenge. Come out and join us for the events, and volunteer to get involved and have some fun while protecting our environment.

Together we will raise awareness and stop single use plastic pollution!

Report from 6/21/16 BOEM open house

img_3560On June 21, 2016 at Hofstra University, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management held their off shore wind presentation and open house about the New York Off Shore Wind Energy Area.


In addition to our advocacy for top environmental standards and local Jobs i gave verbal testimony :

“Much can happen between now and potentially 2023, 2024-5 before the first turbines are possible to be installed under this EA.

With our time to avert climate change running out, time is of the essence.

We need to make sure there is a federal process that fully investigates potential use while facilitating the best possible project in the shortest possible time.

If each project will have these tremendous time periods, off shore wind on the east coast would be on track to only partially be developed by 2030 and beyond. This is not fast enough.

Because of this long lead time, it could potentially  be three presidencies before groundbreaking.  This process needs to protect itself from regime change where a new administration could undermine the entire process.

When we look at the alternative of “No action”, from now on, it must include the difference in climate change causing, noxious, and poisonous discharges avoided by the wind farm as not providing that benefit. It’s not wind versus nothing!

We need to make sure there’s a state purchasing pipeline so there is certainty that new fossil fuels and nuclear are not needed and especially, are unwanted.

We also strongly implore this body to maintain open communication with access, accountability and concern for all. We cannot afford an argument against the process, to become an argument against off shore wind. Eg: 3pm BOEM webinar was announced at 1:40 pm. This was seen as excluding those who have concerns and couldn’t attend on 80 minutes notice.
The idea of a webinar for public engagement is fantastic. Giving people such short notice easily invites charges of unfair play and exclusion.  Let’s let the issues stand or fall on their merits, and not on miscommunication and disrespect or feelings of unequal access or inequity in this process.

This is just too important.”


You can leave your comments to BOEM before July 6 when comments will be closed.





Comments may be submitted before July 6 by one of two methods:
Electronically at In the entry entitled, “Enter Keyword or ID,” enter BOEM-2016-0038, then click “search.” Follow the instructions to submit public comments.

Mail or deliver in an envelope labeled “Comments on New York PSN” to:

BOEM Office of Renewable Energy Programs

45600 Woodland Road, VAM-OREP

Sterling, Virginia, 20166









Additionally, there was a New York City open house and meeting on June 29, 2016. A big rally was held before it in Bryant Park…

see the parade of wind supporters at this video link:¬if_t=like¬if_id=1467322704026197