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LIPA Board Meeting July 20, 2017

LIPA said “whoa”, and rejected this round, in investing in more off shore wind, new solar farms, and pretty much anything they had going.

Then, at yesterday’s board meeting, the attitude of some of them was that they “have time” to act.

Our volunteer Joanne was there to speak and told them these delays are a huge disappointment, and that no, they don’t have time to stop climate change by putting off decisions. Thank You Joanne!

Obviously, we are going to raise a giant stink that they have now reneged on their MANDATED 300 megawatts of renewables in the pipeline by 2018.
This is EXACTLY WHY these supposed mandates (“50% renewables by 2030” anyone? “up to 2400 megawatts of off shore wind by 2030”??) Its all meaningless when Every…Single….Time these state agencies fail to produce what is REQUIRED of themselves which are ALREADY so watered down to a minimal number and extended timeline in the first place.
Remember, the groups in the Off Shore Wind Alliance were pushing for what was thought a reasonably realistic and imperative first start of 5000 megawatts of off shore wind by 2025…
It does not bode well and it is nonsense to talk about a 25 or even 50 cent rate increase as being an issue for needed renewables, when every home was mandated to pay $4 a month for the profits bailout for upstate nuclear power plants with virtually no public input or response to objections.
The off shore wind campaign continues, as will our community solar effort to get the renewables we desperately need on to the grid… and Sea Cliff says GO!!
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We had a great turnout at the launch of our reusable bag campaign at Creative Arts Studio in Sea Cliff as our first locality in Nassau. Volunteer members who join the All Our Energy team, can act to build and expand the campaign in their local community with us, and we will empower them to help push the campaign locally. Thanks for all the hard Work To John, Lorraine, and Tracy who got the Sea Cliff movement off the ground.

Screening of Bag It Movie in Lynbrook Aug. 22, 2017


We also announce our second Nassau community: Lynbrook

Campaign kickoff will be August 22..

Plastic pollution getting you down?

Bag It Free Movie Screening and discussion
Tuesday, August 22, 2017 @7pm
Lynbrook Public Library

56 Eldert St, Lynbrook, New York 11563

Save Our Drinking Water in Western Nassau July 19, 2017

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Help save our drinking water in Western Nassau, especially the Long Beach Barrier Island.
Our only source of water is already likely imperiled. Until the current studies we’ve waited years for are completed, we won’t really know how shaky our only aquifer is, but indications are we are already headed for trouble.
Meanwhile… New York City wants to reopen wells in Queens that tap into our only water source, which could have devastating effect on our drinking water.
Millions of gallons of daily water withdrawals in Queens could cause saltwater to be drawn in to Long Beach’s only water source underground, called salt water intrusion, ruining it forever. Something will be drawn to fill the space of the removed water… Without the USGS study conclusions due later this year, we won’t even know how bad it might already be. NYC wants to renew the permits issued decades ago, with no studies or impacts considered before that happens.

New York City, We Love You.
But since we cannot share our only water source without risking permanent damage to that source, and peril to Long Island residents’ only drinking water, YOU MUST STOP THIS ATTEMPT TO EXTRACT LI WATER FOR NYC USE that could have devastating consequences for Long Island, especially as other surface water options exist that NYC could pursue instead!

sign the petition here

The public is completely unaware of this problem and we need you to help get word out.
Please sign and share our petition.

LONG BEACH- ALL YOUR NEIGHBORS MUST BE MADE AWARE OF THIS IMMEDIATELY, COME TOGETHER AND DEMAND OUR WATER BE PROTECTED. The NYS comments period has already closed and no one is alerting the public to this threat.

All Our Energy see the need for action and will not sit quietly by while this threat exists. Other than the Long Beach City Manager and Council President, no other local officials, no one from other south shore municipalities, nor any of the 8 candidates for city council spoke at the June 21 hearing.

This must change.


One last thing-

We feel this threat, living on the barrier island, so we see the need to get involved and are unwilling to just ride out this process on the sidelines. Taking on yet another campaign will stretch our resources and volunteers very thin. We need you to mobilize with us, to volunteer on this campaign and to consider financially supporting us so we can take on this issue and have the resources needed to make this emergency campaign heard.
Other groups are working behind the scenes on the drinking water issue. All Our Energy’s focus on public out reach can bring this issue to the forefront.
We will educate and mobilize our community against this very serious threat and make our voices heard. Join us!

Off Shore Wind Video Shoot July 22, 2017

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Stay tuned to be part of a film shoot as we join Sane Energy Project for an off shore wind video, likely on Saturday July 22, 2017.

Screening of Bag It Movie in Sea Cliff July 20, 2017

unnamed Bag it
Is plastic pollution bringing you down?

We are stoked to announce-
We launch our campaign to take the success of our reusable bag campaign beyond Long Beach!

We succeeded on the reusable bag campaign with your help in Long Beach. Thank You!

Would you like to work on it in your town, too?

We are launching a bottom up, grassroots campaign in localities in Nassau. Volunteer members who join the All Our Energy team, can act to build and expand the campaign in their local community with us, and we will empower them to help push the campaign locally.

We announce the first team effort in Sea Cliff. NY. The team has been developing our plan, we have laid the groundwork, and we announce our campaign kickoff event:

Plastic pollution getting you down?

Bag It Free Movie Screening and discussion
Thursday July 20, 7pm
Creative Arts Studio
256 Sea Cliff Ave, Sea Cliff, NY 11579

Please take a moment to sign our petition to the Village of Sea Cliff, NY Here and then share it to help launch this campaign to success!

Want to join the team or work in your municipality?
Please go to and click on the appropriate boxes in “Reusable Bags” you can help with!

Together, we will do great things!!


George Povall
All Our Energy

PS- We are doing amazing and very needed work. We thank our volunteers and donors for making it possible.
Please support us to involve everyone in the transition to renewable energy, fight climate change, and act locally on environmental issues like getting rid of plastic pollution.

NYS Offshore Wind Master Plan Meeting July 10 – 12, 2017

The New York State Energy and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) is leading the development of offshore wind on behalf of the state. Throughout 2017, NYSERDA is conducting extensive stakeholder outreach and directing over twenty studies and surveys to ensure that offshore wind is developed responsibly. This work will culminate in the New York Offshore Wind Master Plan, to be released by the end of 2017.

As part of its public outreach, NYSERDA invites you to three public information meetings on Long Island this summer. These meetings will provide the public with an opportunity to learn about the components of the Master Plan along with informational exhibits, and an opportunity to ask questions about the plan. The meetings are 6:00-7:00 p.m. Presentation and Q&A, then 7:00-8:00 p.m. is open house each day at the following locations:

Monday, July 10
Long Island Association
300 Broadhollow Road, Melville, NY

Tuesday, July 11
Long Beach Public Library
111 West Park Avenue, Long Beach, NY

Wednesday, July 12
Southampton Inn
91 Hill Street, Southampton, NY

We hope you all can make at least one of these meetings.

Community Solar Campaign Kickoff June 26, 2017

community solar 2
Thanks to all who came out for our community solar campaign kickoff.
We thank the officials who came, representing 4 levels of government and Fios1 had a report on the event.

Right now, we are looking for community solar subscribers and for locations to host a project. Bold ideas are welcome and its going to take speaking to hundreds of people-maybe thousands, but we are committed to making this a reality. Help us unlock the future!

sign up to find out about local LI community solar projects here