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Day of Action for Off Shore Wind & Clean Energy

On 5/18/16, All Our Energy and partners staged a rally out front of LIPA’s offices, and then spoke at their board meeting that the time has come for off shore wind!


Speakers represented the benefits of off shore wind from jobs, to climate benefits, to getting what we pay for in our rates!


Great work from our team- Matt, K.C., Sam, Karen, and our incredible Speakers- Gordian Raacke of Renewable Energy Long Island, Peter Gollon from Sierra Club Long Island Group, Lisa Oldendorp from Move On, Olga Filakouris from NYPIRG, Joe Tonini from Sierra Club, Lou Sabbatini from Sierra Club, Sam Caslowitz of All Our Energy, and of course Matt Kearns who emceed the day, and designed the 20 foot tall turbine and plugs signs!



Press from Examiner:






more photos:


Then we went to the Nassau Clean Energy Standard hearing which had a great turnout and some really great testimony from renewable energy advocates.  I had stopped my testimony to ask how many people supported a bold move into off shore wind… and pretty much the entire room raised their hand in favor of it. 

check our social media for video of the turbine raising!

A very successful day in support of clean energy for LI thanks to YOU and your support and action!!


Ready for our 5/18/16 day of Action for Off Shore Wind

In the morning we will be assembling in front of LIPA Headquarters in Uniondale for a demonstration of support for offshore wind for the required new power generation on LI.



LIPA are meeting tomorrow as they consider new dirty energy plants for the east end right now, or get new power from an off shore wind farm 30 miles off Montauk, coupled with grid-size battery storage, that supplies that power cleanly, reliably, and economically.

We are staging a visual action outside their offices as we raise a 20 foot tall mock wind turbine and giant plugs as we say “Plug Me In to Off Shore Wind” and ask LIPA to lead us into the next generation, not lock us into dirty fuels of the past.  We have hand made signs, placards and stickers from Sierra Club and more for everyone to get their hands on and show their support!


Join All Our Energy, Long Island Progressive Coalition, NYPIRG, Mothers Out Front, and the Sierra Club for this memorable and newsworthy event.  Then we will go in to LIPA’s board meeting and testify that the time for off shore wind is NOW


Then in the evening join us to speak out at the NY State Public Service Commission’s “Clean Energy Standard” (CES) hearing in Mineola to determine the future of clean energy programs in the state. Local community groups including All Our Energy, Long Island Progressive Coalition, NYPIRG, Mothers Out Front, and the Sierra Club, will call on Governor Cuomo to make an enforceable commitment to renewable energy that includes large-scale offshore wind power. By compelling utilities and public energy authorities to purchase a certain amount of renewable power each year, the CES could make the Governors goal of generating 50 percent of New York States electricity from renewables by 2030 a reality!

We urge you to come speak and make sure we get the renewable energy future we deserve. Please bring a printed version of your comments to turn in if you must leave, just to be on the record, or if you have too much to say, but will be brief anyway!

Matt’s Wind Letter Published in Newsday

Our own Matt Kearns’ letter to the editor was published in Newsday.


Letter: Shift quickly to wind power offshore


The timing couldn’t have been better as we roll out our “Day of Action” for renewables on LI.

Wait, what?? push to stop bag laws in NY!

Bag bill passed in NYC!   Now…
Here comes the plastic bag industry with their friends in NY State government to overthrow democracy…

You read that right. On the heels of the successful NYC plastic bag fee law, legislation has been introduced in both the NY Senate and Assembly to thwart attempts to stop plastic bag pollution.


 Now, State Senator Simcha Felder’s bill “establishes a prohibition on the imposition of any tax, fee or local charge on carry out merchandise bags.”  If only they were prohibiting the tax on society and the environment that plastic bags cost, or the fees to deal with them that are placed on everyone, including future generations, after people discard them.  They’re not against everyone paying those taxes and fees.

This attempt to overthrow the right to local control is outrageous, even for New York State politics.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t see anything in any federal or state constitution that people are entitled to a free bag, nor the consequences of such a thing.  Lets help remind those that do not yet understand that it’s not ok to destroy the environment, even for 12 whole minutes convenience.
We need your help to stop this terrible legislation!

First, we need your help to raise awareness with your neighbors, friends, and everyone here, NOW, for the need for plastic bag laws. Get Involved-volunteer your time – join our volunteer team at this week’s team meeting at 6:30 pm on April 19 at Gentle Brew!

We need your help to speak to merchants, staff events, engage the public, get signatures on our petition, help people display their support with window clings and stickers, and bring everyone together to make this a success for everyone involved to push this campaign over the finish line.

Please donate to the cause here. We would love to have a reusable bag giveaway or fundraiser campaign to help get bags into the hands of all. If even a small portion of our petition signers chipped in even 5, 10, 20 dollars it would go far towards removing the barriers to legislation, number one of which is making sure no one is left out who cannot afford reusable bags.

Contact your Representative
Tell your Assembly and Senate members that stopping plastic bag ordinances is not supported.  If one of your representatives is on this list, we need you especially to call and write the Senators and Assembly Members who are signed on to this legislation.
Senators in favor so far:
Sponsor-Simcha Felder (D) 17th Senate District
Andrew J Lanza   (R) 24th Senate District
Martin J. Golden  (R, C, IP) 22nd Senate District
Tony Avella   (D, IP) 11th Senate District
Roxanne J. Persaud   (D) 19th Senate District
Diane J. Savino  (D, IP, WF) 23rd Senate District
James L. Seward  (R, C, IP) 51st Senate District

Assembly members in favor so far
Sponsor- Michael Cusick(staten island)
Mark Gjonaj
David Weprin
Steven Cymbrowitz
Michael G. Miller
Ron Castorina
Michael Simanowitz
Victor M. Pichardo
Peter Abbate
Dov Hikind
Michael DenDekker
Nicole Malliotakis
Phillip Goldfeder
Walter T. Mosley
Erik Dilan
Andrew Hevesi
Inez Barron
Matthew Titone
Marcos Crespo
William Colton
Michael J. Fitzpatrick

Here are the links to S7336 and A9904, the companion bill in the State Assembly:


Please circulate information about this latest attempt by the plastic bag industry to prevent limits on the use of plastic bags and ask your representatives in the State Senate and State Assembly to oppose S7336/A9904.

For a list of NYS Assembly members, see:

For a list of NYS Senators, see:

Wind 4 LI: 5/18/16 Clean Energy Day of Action



Join our media-worthy action/demonstration for the next LIPA Board meeting and preparing to help everyone testify at the upcoming Clean Energy Standard (CES) hearings.  Somehow, they are scheduled for the same day!!

Naturally, we are responding with a Day Of Action for renewable energy!!!
Will you join us?  Please click the RSVP’s below and let us know!!

Join All Our Energy, Sierra Club Long Island Group, NYPIRG, Beyond Coal, the Win Wind NY ( Coalition and others for a Day of Action on Wednesday 5/18/16 
LIPA Meeting Action / Rally & Testimony
10:30am Group Turbine Raising then March Giant Plugs into LIPA offices. 
11:30am LIPA Board Meeting-testimony follows
LIPA headquarters. 
We will hold a demonstration of our support for a just transition away from fossil fuels and the rapid development of economical and readily available offshore wind for Long Island’s power needs. 
Participate in this creative action at LIPA headquarters to create newsworthy visuals that provide great media imagery, as we collectively raise a “wind turbine” and brandish laughably oversized plugs as we invite LIPA to lead the way and “plug us in” to offshore wind!  
Nassau Clean Energy Standard Hearing:
That evening on May 18th, Long Islanders will descend on the Clean Energy Standard hearing in Mineola to help spark a renewable energy revolution in the Empire State. It’s time for a renewable energy future in New York!
6pm Info Session. 
7pm Public Comments
Nassau County Executive and Legislative Bldg
Governor Cuomo aims to have 50 percent of the state’s energy come from renewables by 2030. This new goal must be enforceable so it lives up to its promises and must include a specific commitment and path to large-scale offshore wind development that could create thousands of new jobs here on Long Island. 
Additionally, the CES must apply to LIPA, as is proposed by the Public Service Commission, to ensure compliance and uniform standards for all NY power producers.  
There are Clean Energy Standard Hearings also in Riverhead (5/17) and Far Rockaway (5/18) – we are not covering these, but we can get you the info if you need-just ask!
       .   .   .
All Our Energy will host 2 meetings in the lead up to this, for public education to help you to testify at these events, and make artistic and logistic preparations for our May 18, 2016 Day of Action turbine raising and the props needed:
Wind 4 LI: Prepare for LIPA & CES Day of Action
Wind 4 LI: Art Build 4 LIPA & CES Day of Action
Levittown Public Library

bring your advocacy, passion, organization, and artistic talents to make this memorable, fun and have a big impact!  WE NEED YOUR HELP!

I know together we are going to make a big statement and help move the conversation from “if” to “how” to NOW!