Wind Power Explained

Great article and chart, although I must call out the questionable info in their “negatives” section. I am tired of giving “equal time” to pros and cons, is if that is “journalism”. Thus, we get comparisons that do not have EQUAL WEIGHT, and ignore that it is the journalist’s job to show the balance to the weight of these arguments.

-First, there is actually evidence showing property values static or even increasing with a wind turbine in view.

-They clarify the bird issue (thank you).

-They murk the waters stating coal is cheaper, but if you’re paying attention, coal is only cheaper because the real costs are not factored in to the price of the coal. It’s as if dirty energy, pollution, and the external costs of those aren’t happening.(refer to previous article Why Wind.)

Other than that small digression, which I just couldn’t let go without comment; it’s very cool, an excellent visual chart, so all is forgiven.

check it here:

Wind Power Explained

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