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Anti-Wind Turbine Syndrome is real!


Yes, you’ve read that correctly.

I am hereby re branding this to be more in-line with reality, now that we know what it is. 

Facts are coming out that it is actually the Anti- Wind energy groups claims of “wind turbine syndrome” and the like that may be causing the very illness they tell residents to expect, not the wind turbines themselves. 

No one is saying that the symptoms that people may be reporting aren’t real to them. Now the proof is coming in on what may really be causing their symptoms.

Healthy volunteers, when given information about the expected physiological effect of infrasound, reported symptoms that aligned with that information, during exposure to both infrasound and sham infrasound.

The research showed a large group of HEALTHY people could be expected to report symptoms if they were told to EXPECT them, whether or not they were exposed to the infrasound! Exactly as would happen when anti-wind energy groups publicize what they say are the “dangers”. 

I would hope any of the people truly suffering, will now turn their focus and go after the people who actually did manipulate them and made them feel ill. 

You can find the report of the study by >clicking here<



This is the most recent of many scientific studies to debunk the fearmongering.

read more here: Wind farms don’t harm human health: 17 major reviews world wide of all of the available research by credible, independent groups say so.

Enlightening facts show how other factors related to the fearmongering can help certain persons in certain circumstances play into the scenario. Further studies have shown those especially vulnerable are when people’s personal beliefs were already leaning anti (confirmation bias), amongst other reasons.  Still, I do not blame these people who are suffering at all, whatever the reason. The blame rests squarely with those irresponsibly(at best) and purposely(at worst) causing innocent neighbors these problems.  From today on, media outlets that just let these groups say “whatever” and just repeat it, share the culpability, as well.

Like (now reelected) US representative Tim Bishop said about climate change at last summer’s Long Island Off Shore Wind Conference: ““All we can do is just provide people with the facts…and hope they accept those facts.”

Unfortunately, that’s a long waiting game and the detractors of renewable energy know that putting up these straw man arguments delay the onset of their deserved extinction.  They dont actually care if they make residents sick, and the more the better for their cause, in fact.

Hopefully this argument is put to bed for good, preventing further harm to anyone.

Point Lookout Energy Park to Feature in US Department of Energy Webinar

Town of Hempstead Point Lookout Energy Park

Town of Hempstead Point Lookout Energy Park

The Town of Hempstead, New York’s Point Lookout Energy Park will be featured in a US Department of Energy webinar on Tuesday March 19, 2013 at 3pm eastern time.

click here: “From Execution to Education: Town of Hempstead’s Project Energy”


This is a concept of demonstration showing how it works, what works, what can be done, and what is attainable and achievable.

Town of Hempstead Department of Conservation and Waterways.

Town of Hempstead Department of Conservation and Waterways.

Tara Schneider from the Town of Hempstead Department of Conservation and Waterways will be giving the presentation.

Congratulations to Tara Schneider, Ron Masters and everybody else involved in this project from the Town of Hempstead.

You can register for the Webinar by clicking here


Here’s the information from the department of energy website where you can join / attend this special webinar.

From Execution to Education: Town of Hempstead’s Project Energy
The Town of Hempstead, located on the western south shore of Long Island, New York, started its pathway to renewable energy demonstration and education with a simple 10 kilowatt solar photovoltaic (PV) project in 2005. Since then, through strategic partnerships and successful acquisition of grant funding, the town has completed an array of clean energy projects; many concentrated within the energy park in Point Lookout, New York. The various technologies at the energy park include a hydrogen refueling station powered by wind energy; various solar PV, solar thermal, and geothermal technologies; EV charging; a net-zero energy office; and an off-grid capable solar/wind shellfish aquaculture facility. This presentation will discuss the unique projects at the energy park, the town’s successes and challenges during stages of implementation and operation, and the budding educational opportunity for the community.

Presenter Tara Schneider graduated from Cornell University in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science in natural resources. That same year, she began working for the Town of Hempstead, Department of Conservation & Waterways as a conservation biologist, working with various stakeholders to study and protect avian breeding populations. Under the leadership and guidance of Commissioner Ron Masters, Ms. Schneider began writing successful grants, resulting in more than $6 million in state and federal funding toward renewable energy projects for the town. Ms. Schneider is currently managing the town’s U.S. Department of Energy Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant, an ambitious and multifaceted strategy that includes 17 distinct projects and more than 35 different contractors.

Wind Power in the Land of Sun and Fun

The VAWT at Blue Water Terrace. Not Operating at time of picture.

The VAWT at Blue Water Terrace. St. Croix US Virgin Islands. Not Operating at time of picture.

I just had to report on a recent personal trip to St. Croix, US Virgin Islands.

I immediately noticed with much pleasure the number of wind turbines that have gone up since I had been there last. In a place where independence is a necessity, where there’s even people living off-grid- famously at the Virgin Islands Sustainable Farm Institute, I have to give credit to these wind pioneers, trying to make it happen.

St Croix USVI south shore mini wind farm team

St Croix USVI south shore mini wind farm team


I guess in the land of fun in the sun, without some kind of state incentives which they don’t have, -and in the face of an entirely uncooperative utility in VIWAPA (famous picture of ex Head of the utility giving a literal “thumbs down” standing in front of a wind turbine), although widely used, person after person told me solar remains too expensive. I find it hard to believe, since that is with utility electric rates around .45/kWh plus a roving fuel surcharge that so few can understand, but most say almost doubles the bill at times.  I always think it should be a no-brainer, but residents tell me otherwise.

On second time passing some of these turbines though, I found myself dismayed. For the most part the turbines are working well, but some were sitting idle, even though I was there during the famed “Christmas Winds”.

welcome home!, too bad it wasnt spinning!

welcome home!, too bad it wasnt spinning!

too close to the street, too low to catch the wind

close to the street, hopefully not too low to catch the wind

VAWT in the valley

opposite view shows the layout.

I can only surmise that all the ones not spinning are purposely shut off for some reason (?)

I Hope so! Maybe they were just away for the holidays. I do have to say the majority of wind turbines I saw were spinning away, pumping out the kilowatt hours. You have to know by now I love the look of that!

South shore Spinnin'

South shore Spinnin’!


These vertical axis wind turbines are still somewhat “experimental”, are derided by wind enthusiasts unless they meet strict “lift” versus “drag” aerodynamic concepts, many are prone to “amateur situations”. The one pictured below was cranking, I wonder what the output is.

Drive on the left....VAWT cranking on the right.

Drive on the left….VAWT was cranking on the right.

I must recommend everyone to (please!) read Paul Gipe’s Wind Power or Paul Gipe’s Wind Energy Basics, before even looking into a wind turbine.
It’s pretty simple : a $20-30 investment to help figure out if you are going to make a mistake or just make the mistake for $5,000-15,000. 

When I think of those turbines not spinning, I wonder if, sometime in the near future,  we going to see ads on Craigslist-US Virgin Islands for “hardly used wind turbines”?

I hope not, I’d rather see those up and running. I guess I’ll keep my eyes peeled, and definitely let me know if you hear anything!

Another Chance to Bring Offshore Wind to Long Island

Board Of Ocean Energy Management(BOEM) map for the proposed NYPA (LIPA  and Con ED) plan for a Long Island-New York City offshore wind farm approximately 12 Miles offshore.

Board Of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) map of the proposed NYPA (LIPA and Con ED) plan for a Long Island-New York City offshore wind farm approximately 12 Miles offshore.

Recently, LIPA and Con Edison are issuing calls for public input on trying to bring back the plan for a wind farm 12 miles off the shores of Long Island.

Find that info by clicking here: Long Island-New York City Offshore Wind Project

This is great news.

Coincidentally, Sierra Club has really picked up the ball that they started rolling earlier last year. At that time,the LIPA board failed to do anything like ‘leading” -they just passed the natural gas buck to the next generation, guaranteeing another 30 or more years of further fossil fuel dependence, fracking pollution and price gouging (and that one didnt take long-only 5 months to come home to roost).


It may not be too late. Sierra have been trying to convince LIPA to rethink their do-nothing stance and invest in wind energy, even as a hedge against these types of spikes. They have almost reached their goal of sending 5000 signatures to LIPA telling them to get on board with wind energy.
This is the moment, here is the movement, get on board with them!
click on the following link to be heard:

Sierra Club: Support Offshore Wind and Clean Energy Jobs for NY

Further news this week Long Island’s News12 is reporting LIPA rates to jump about $13 per month in March to reflect “natural gas price spikes”, due to the “unseasonably cold weather”.
Once again when you start talking costs going up like this, wind energy which is already close in price, fast becomes cheaper(another post). That does not include the effect that having wind energy would have: creating savings across all forms of electricity generated by having more supply to cover demand. Less natural gas demand = lower market price for natural gas.

What is it going to take to JUST. DO. IT. ALREADY?

Please let me know as soon as you’ve signed on to the Sierra Club link above so we can move on to getting it done!

Welcome Back to Our Friend


Thanks to Patrick (and Tara, Anthony and Melissa) who alerted us today that as of 5 PM the Point Lookout wind turbine is back in action!

Welcome back!