Point Lookout Wind Turbine 1st Anniversary

Point Lookout Town of Hempstead Wind Turbine Marking the first anniversary of our local "landmark to energy independence!" Congratulations to the town!

Marking the first anniversary of our local “landmark to energy independence!”
Congratulations to the town!

I just wanted to wish congratulations to Supervisor Kate Murray, Commissioner of Conservation and Waterways’ Ron Masters and everyone else involved in the successful first year of operation of the Town of Hempstead’s Point Lookout Energy Park wind turbine.

Obviously, I love it, and I enjoy seeing it every day!  I really do feel it is a “landmark to energy independence” and I’m proud its in my own hometown.

thank you! 


on a personal note… Some thoughts and comments.

Reliability. If I see it stopped… I know the grid has failed and power has gone out in town, not the other way around.

Everybody lived. Within a few months at the March civic meeting no one even complained. In fact many voiced approval generally the airing of the grievances happened prior to that meeting. Fear met reality and reality won.

misplaced comments – I love the people who don’t know me and make some kind of comment about it-which I’ve been a little remiss at putting up on the comments board. It’s not a wall of shame,(right?) after all!

I do amuse myself when I can look at them funny and leave a little dead air silence for them to hear back what they just said…

I find their attitude is more saying a joke like you would say about the opposite sex, a president (ah, “you know men/women”, wink wink) – not really so heartfelt, just banter.

I think it is them feeling out what other people think and I think that’s good.

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