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SUNY Buffalo No Longer a Party to Peddling Buffalo Chips.

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Industry-sponsored “Frackademia”, on grounds of a state school (geez!) is ended amidst a ridiculously outlandish fake study, with fake “peer” review.

Although, if you are the fracking industry, and you put out a fake study, and further fracking industry people do the review, then I guess, technically, that would be “peer review”.

Thankfully someone has a backbone and integrity! Our hats are off to SUNY Buffalo President Satish K. Tripathi, who this week shut down SUNY Buffalo’s “Shale Resources and Society Institute (SRSI)”.
Their hydraulic fracturing (fracking) “study” (ostensibly to open up New York State resources against public outcry because our politicians put off decisions by saying we need studies) was just a fully funded front for the fracking industry.

Great quote from Steve Horn at Desmogblog

“(From) its “shill gas study,” the first paper published by SRSI. All of the co-authors of this paper had direct ties to the oil and gas industry, as did four out of five of its peer reviewers.”

The head of SUNY Buffalo said:

“It is imperative that our faculty members adhere to rigorous standards of academic integrity, intellectual honesty, transparency, and the highest ethical conduct in their work. Because of these collective concerns, I have decided to close the Shale Resources and Society Institute.”

You can read all about it here:
Breaking: SUNY Buffalo Shuts “Frackademia” Center, Shale Resources and Society Institute from Desmogblog.

In today’s news, the Fox said the Chickens don’t have to bother looking out for foxes anymore.
Whew! That’s a load off our bird brains!



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