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Point Lookout Wind Turbine STILL NOT working.. But…

March 4 2013 update – turbine back in action, see our post “Welcome Back…


March 1, 2013 update:
Never mind. The turbine is still not working a month after our inquiries and 3 weeks since something was attempted to get it started again.

We will update when it actually is working again.
All speculation as to what has been wrong is just that.

more info to follow as we confirm.

Is Solar Right For You, Lido Beach?

Empower Solar to discuss residential Solar Power at Lido Firehouse

Empower Solar to discuss residential Solar Power at Lido Firehouse


Is solar power right for you? 

Find out this Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at Lido Firehouse.





You’re Invited!   Join the LHCA in learning about the economic and environmental benefits of going solar.



What: Lido Homes Civic Association Monthly Meeting—Featuring presentation by EmPower Solar

When: February 13, 2013—7:30pm

Where: Lido Fire House

What: EmPower Solar will present to homeowners and business owners about the processes, multiple benefits, financing options for going solar.

Who: EmPower Solar is an Island Park based solar energy company that was founded in 2003 . EmPower has successfully installed over 500 systems for homeowners and businesses across the region, saving our customers money by eliminating electric bills.

Note: for emergency reasons, please do not use the parking lot at the Firehouse. Please park on the side streets or at the Middle School.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Lido Homes Civic Association, Inc. & EmPower Solar



EmPower Solar

221 Long Beach Road

Island Park, NY 11558



Can’t make the meeting but still

want to learn more about going solar?

Call Ali at (516) 837-3459 ext. 124

Questions: is the Point Lookout Wind Turbine Broken?

fake picture of the Point Lookout Wind Turbine being "broken"

no, it’s not a real picture!!! but the real thing is “awaiting maintainence”

It’s no secret the Point Lookout Wind Turbine, at the Town of Hempstead Energy Park is not working. Best I can tell it stopped working the second week of January(?)

There’s been some inquiries here from people wanting to know what’s up, including Gayle and Tara who posted.
I spoke with Town of Hempstead officials yesterday who confirmed it is “awaiting maintenance”. The windsmiths needed to fix it are from out of state and I was told they’re coming as soon as they can.

so.. yep, dang thing’s broken!

As answered before, it auto shuts down every time the power on the local grid goes out, which has been often here in Point Lookout, especially since Sandy.

I do believe its “breaking” did coincide with one of these power outages, as their other small turbine stopped working simultaneously. That one’s been back up and running since shortly after that time.

thanks for your inquiries…it’s good to know other people have been silently admiring it, and miss it working, too!


Gayle posed a great question.. is it named?  and what would we name it?