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Point Lookout Wind Turbine STILL NOT working.. But…

March 4 2013 update – turbine back in action, see our post “Welcome Back…


March 1, 2013 update:
Never mind. The turbine is still not working a month after our inquiries and 3 weeks since something was attempted to get it started again.

We will update when it actually is working again.
All speculation as to what has been wrong is just that.

more info to follow as we confirm.

How About Cutting the Average Family In on the Deal?

Great article from the Washington Monthly Magazine, explaining the underlying issue in most of our posts.


Click here to read “Rooftop Revenue” by Anya Schoolman.

It was tweeted to us by Community Power Network (@Power4theFuture):

“Government helps big corporations make billions off green energy. How about cutting the average family in on the deal?”


Getting Your Solar Energy Onto the Grid

…otherwise known as “What we need to do to make this just happen”

Check it out here by clicking: freeingthegrid.org which is tracking grid connection policy in all 50 states.

 (Click the picture to watch the video)


Freeing The Grid short movie explains solutions to the grid connection barriers solar and renewable energy face.


A Great website and seperate video explaining why we need a more “democratic grid” with clearer rules and equality for all.

As it is All Our Energy, we would like to see this expanded promoting this for all renewable energy, for all citizens.

Wind and Renewable Energy: What is “Distributed Generation”

When talking about renewable energy, the topic of “Distributed Generation” comes up as another positive.  Distributed generation is the opposite of what our current electric grid currently is.  We currently have » Read more..