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Help Tell LIPA and NY State: We want Renewables

Right now, millions in New York can not make their own clean energy because the sun doesn’t shine on their roof the right way, or maybe they don’t even have a roof!  Why should that be our limit?


What if we found a way for them to still generate their own solar power that they could use anyway?

At our 2/17/16 meeting, we discussed these issues and what we can all do about it.

Two ways to do this are community owned solar projects and off site / virtual net metering.  Your clean energy is created somewhere besides your house or business, and you still get to use it.
These are new strategies that would help unleash a renewables revolution in New York.  We have the power right now,  in New York and especially on Long Island, to beneficially replace outdated fossil fuel infrastructure that has outlived its expected life span. It must be replaced soon.

With your help, we will make sure Long Island moves into renewable energy.

If we buy in to all new fossil fuels, we will have them for 30-50 years more without the opportunity to switch to large scale renewables, like off shore wind which are safer and cleaner than fossil fuels, and are ready to go today at the same price as new fossil fuel plants.
So why aren’t we changing?

Inertia, powerful interests, utility profit models that increase based on burning more fuels instead of supplying energy, exclusion of others to supply energy even if safe, practical and economical (not a free market).  These modes are outdated and these entities need to move into the 21st century profit model that simultaneously cleans up most of their dirty emissions, or make way for those that will.

Join our meeting to discuss putting the “power” in your hands to tell officials and other decision-makers to do the right thing and adopt economical renewables on a grand scale in New York, make community-owned projects easier, and help open new paths for renewables to fill our electricity needs.

An exciting time and I’m glad you’re taking this journey with us!