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Earth Day in Long Beach April 22, 2017

unnamedWhat a well attended and fun Earth day in Long Beach! Hundreds of people joined for the Jellyfish Jamboree Parade and the events at city hall as the bag law took effect. Thousands of bags were given away, and more are going out through city channels now.

Though a few are complaining about the bag law going into effect, the reports we have gotten back from actual retailers who do business are that the public reaction is much better than they expected and most people understand. We witnessed many, many people bringing their own bags shopping this weekend with smiles on their faces.

We remain committed to seeing city bag giveaways reach their intended targets and to addressing issues ourselves, and just delivered over 200 bags our volunteers sourced directly to seniors and organizations who otherwise might be left out.

Help us meet these needs and donate to our Reusable Bag Fund here

Make Art for Earth April 11, 2017

On Tuesday 4/11/17, Laura Swan and Stewards of the Sea will host an art build to make signs and visuals for both that and Earth Day events.

Happy Earth Day 2014


Happy Earth Day!

What are you doing to commemorate?

My efforts are ongoing.

I have alluded to an upcoming event and it is happening. It’s going to be BIG! I can’t reveal more just yet, other than to say…

Save the date:

June 14, 2014

No, it is not a coincidence it lines up with Global Wind Day…!

Would you like to be involved?

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