Long Beach bag ordinance reusable bags Aug. 14, 2017

reusable bags
Our high quality, machine washable reusable bags arrived and are out in the community.
Thank you to all our donors and to Georgia Meckes at LI Greenmarket, our high quality, grocery size, machine washable reusable bags went out this week. Much gratitude to Liz Nachman and all who helped, and to All Our Energy’s volunteers and crowdfunding partners who got this done!
Additionally, we were able to leverage approximately 600 more standard reusable bags during this time from other sources which also went out. filling a huge need that is still out there.
As promised, we are following through to make sure the Long Beach bag ordinance is a success- so everyone can bring their own bag- and be a steward of our environment.
Thank You to everyone for your continued help and support!

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