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2 things you can do to help us stand up for renewables

Long Island is at a crossroads. We need more power to run our homes, especially on the South Fork.

A developer is ready to supply this energy, from an off shore wind farm, promised at the same or lower cost than a new fossil fuel power plant, with battery storage to cover the estimated few dozen hours annually the wind isn’t blowing, and they take all the risk, supplying electricity at a fixed rate for a certain period of time.

In opposition to that, another developer wants to put one or two fossil fuel powered plants into the area. this will probably require new gas pipelines and other dangerous infrastructure through Long Island neighborhoods to feed it.

The choice couldn’t be clearer.  why would we go back to the past when we can move on to a clean energy future and start the renewable energy revolution right here on Long Island- a revolution that comes with up to 40,000 jobs?

Join our meeting tonight to educate and support YOU to speak at LIPA’s March 21 board meeting for off shore wind!  This will likely be the last chance before they announce their decision. Let’s be heard and help them make the right choice!