An Untapped Resource: Offshore Wind for NY 2013

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The first in a series of reports from the Offshore Wind Power for New York conference, held at SUNY Stony Brook’s Wang Center on November 13, 2013.

One of the themes was the great resource that we have but we are not using.

Many participating speakers said we are missing out on an economical and ecological way to drive a clean energy economy for New York and Long Island.

What they are saying:

Neal Lewis of Sustainability Institute at Molloy College. “We have some 1500 megawatts… A significant resource that we are not today taking advantage of”

Gordian Raacke, Renewable Energy Long Island: “LIPA’s Fuel costs (annually are) … taking 1.5 billion dollars out of our pockets, out of our economy.”

Roger Clayman, LI Federation of Labor: “an opportunity .. the vast potential we have, right at our fingertips here on Long Island, to create a new kind of economy.”

Catherine Bowes, National Wildlife Federation: “It is staggering how much clean energy is available out there. ”

Adrienne Esposito, Citizens Campaign for the Environment: “we need to have offshore wind as part of our clean, safe, homegrown energy portfolio.”

Watch the video to hear them for yourself.

Sierra Club have a petition to take part in to help bring Offshore Wind to Long Island.
you can sign that petition by clicking this link:Tell Governor Cuomo to lead on clean energy .’

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