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All Our Energy November 2013 News Roundup


There have been some great stories shared on social media, id like to share with you:

please join me at the Third annual Long Island offshore wind conference Wednesday November 13, 2013:
Offshore Wind Power for New York: Reaching America’s Next Clean Energy Frontier

anyone can attend. If you can not and have questions, please let me know and I will try to get you answers!


Related News:
Giving preference to offshore wind projects with direct community benefits: A new model for encouraging utility-scale community-based renewable energy projects?


Community Benefits of Offshore Wind

other news:

The usually fossil fuel-oriented International Energy Agency (IEA), says fossil fuel tax breaks ARE subsidies.
Wind Guru Paul Gipe explains:


Ivanpah Concentrated Solar Project Goes Pop

Congratulations to my neighbors Pete and Leah who just went solar, too!

Also, I am in the initial formative stages, working on a project for a big local event… stay tuned.