Sierra Club NY Wind Energy Webinar


Join in on this webinar taking place Wednesday October 19, 2013 presented by Sierra Club:

Webinar on New York’s Renewable Campaign

As the country turns off coal and other dirty fuels and switches to renewables, New York State continues to lag behind, receiving only 3 percent of its energy from renewable resources. But the Sierra Club is actively campaigning Governor Cuomo to double the state’s installed land-based wind capacity and to invest in offshore wind this year. To that end the club is sending a petition to the Governor and Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) and holding a webinar with Michael Brune, the Executive Director of the Sierra Club.

During the webinar, Michael will discuss and answer questions on how wind energy can realistically both increase clean energy resources and create green jobs in New York. The webinar will be hosted on Wednesday October 23 at 7 p.m. Registration is available at E-mail Jennifer Tuttle with any questions or for more information.


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