Tell LIPA- We need clean energy.

Today-Several dozen concerned citizens, hosted by The Sierra Club, were literally “calling” on LIPA to invest in clean, renewable energy.

Those calls were to let LIPA know that instead of sticking all of us into long range contracts that will keep Long Island fossil fuel-dependent for many decades to come, they must pursue clean energy.

LIPA is deciding over this week how they are going to replace their old power plants and how they are going to provide the additional power Long Island’s growth is demanding.

Today, The Sierra Club and Community Voices for Clean Energy are calling on all of us to let LIPA know that the only way is ahead to renewables, and not to go back to dirty fossil fuels!

You can make a difference, LIPA is listening!! heres how:

instructions for calling LIPA

instructions for calling LIPA. Let them know you want renewable energy!

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