Solar Shopping for Cyber Monday

New Solar Panels could be just a click away.

New Solar Panels could be just a click away.

It is “Cyber Monday”. You know- when millions have nothing better to do but shop online, now that they’re back on the job after the holiday weekend ; )!

I thought it would be fun to do some online shopping… For Solar Panels!

If you’re going to shop, at least you can say this is the kind of shopping that can pay you back!

So you can get a feel, check out Energysage A sleek site for comparison shopping.

Need enough solar panels to buy and ship by the pallet? click here: Wholesale Solar online solar panels

Sure is an interesting way to see different makes, models, specs and prices.

Got any others for me?


If your boss asks, tell her you’re working on saving the planet, and the company may want to follow your research to do that, and reduce their long-term electricity costs, too!

Ok, back to work!

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