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Act, I must!

Introductions: I am George Povall. Student of life with particular interests in Building, Architecture, Engineering, Writing, Music, and most passionately: Renewable Energy, especially Wind Energy.

To this point, I have sat idly by, while seemingly nothing is happening to further our country -and barring a few glowing examples like Denmark, Germany, Sweden and a select few others, the world at large- down the path towards renewable energy and energy independence, both financially and in terms of freedom. When you can really grasp the economic, environmental and social implications of that plus cleaner air, land and water; with no further contribution to climate change, it causes me a feeling of absolute disgust that we are not doing more when the solutions are well at hand.

I have realized there is no way I will be able to look into the eyes of younger family members, my son, my godchildren or anyone else in the future, and just shrug that it was too hard to change myself and even harder to change other people, much less people who make their fortunes off of nothing changing. At the very least, I will know, and have proof that I did what was right, under rights I still seemingly had in a democracy to help usher in the change we need. Yes, I do know that doing that will be VERY difficult, but that in doing so I may blaze a trail that others may follow.

I, hereby, as of today eschew my hitherto-private persona to become an agent of change; to stand up for what is right for people, for our democracy and for the environment; to claim my place in a leadership role, filling what seems to me a gaping vacuum of leadership: to bring about expansion of renewable energy on a scale as to make a real difference.  

The technology is ready. I am ready. It is economically feasible now, and that’s at today’s electric prices, which are sure to rise with the cost of diesel fuel and natural gas, unless we want to choke on more coal emissions. The pros so incredibly outweigh the cons. I will get to that in further posts. Although that pros/cons list may be beaten to death by other, more eloquent sources, I will bring what I can to this front and reiterate what is important.

I hope with this forum to motivate and educate those who are not aware of the issues and to organize like-minded individuals to gain results on these fronts.
Because it is so immense, so difficult; in a Zen-like way it is actually very easy:
It’s just a matter of DECIDING TO ACT.

Act, I must.  I start now.

about time

well, here we are. (it took long enough!) welcome to all our energy’s blog.