All Our Energy: Year One

Wow. A year gone by already.


It’s been a year. Last June 30, I decided I couldn’t wait for someone else. A year (ok a bit more than that) since I realized that I was the person I was waiting for, no one else was coming along and doing… Whatever this is.. And what it’s meant to become:

It has been my intention to have All Our Energy be the bridge, creating a community of action between the public and renewable energy.

I’ve been looking at and meaning to respond to an article from several months ago Part 2: Political Reality and the Way Forward for Renewable Energy by Steve Leone, Associate Editor,

A major point was raised in that article that has resonated with me

What can be done between now and Election Day to ensure that voters have a clearer understanding of what benefits the <renewable energy> industry brings to the table. Maybe it’s jobs. Maybe it’s the environment. Maybe it’s about American ingenuity and the need to stay ahead.

This much is clear, though. The industries need a cohesive message, and they need to find a better way to coordinate and get that message out to rank-and-file voters. That message, say industry and political experts, is what’s needed to push legislators to ensuring that clean energy finds itself with a prominent seat at the table.


I plan to keep that in mind as we move into our second year…

What are your ideas on that?

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