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Wind Power Myths Blown Away

Happy global wind day!


With Global Wind Day on our minds today, along comes this great article

Dispelling the Myths: Let’s Tell the Truth About Wind Farms from an excellent expansive source, Recharge News.com.

What a coincidence! We were just thinking about that and what a great article that would make!

Take a minute and click on that article to see the top 10 myths…

And we want to add myth number 11:
Another extremely laughable myth we have seen, even perpetuated on the renewable energy documentary “The Next Frontier: Engineering the Golden Age of Green”; otherwise one of the best we’ve ever seen, and goes basically something to the effect of :
wind turbines suck /steal all the energy out of the wind, making the wind stop – jeesh!

Rather than think this is just some anti-wind propaganda, more than likely it is the misunderstanding of the concept of wind turbulence. When that wind that has just run through a wind turbine, it creates swirling currents, just like when you stir your coffee. This takes a reasonably short distance to
dissipate (usually expressed as 5 times the size of the turbine), By then, it has fully rejoined the wind flow as it would exist, turbine or not, usable again at another turbine. Usable for any other use mother nature would otherwise have. Most assuredly, the wind would keep going because the reason for the wind has not changed: differences in temperature (gradient) and pressure create the wind. So until the air travels from a higher to a lower concentration, or something stops hot air rising, cold air falling etc, the wind will not stop.

Read more about what causes wind:
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Definitely check out the Global Wind Day Facebook Page where people around the world are posting their updates and photos from events today.