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UK Bird Protection Society To Build Large Wind Turbine

Wind expert Paul Gipe has written an excellent article:
Britain’s Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Plans Large Wind Turbine (please click and read it!)

Britain’s Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) are putting up a very large wind turbine (looks like 2 megawatt) right at their headquarters at their reserve (preserve) called ” the Lodge”.

It challenges the anti-renewable energy falsehoods and propaganda that keep saying, as Mr Gipe puts it so well;

“wind turbines are bird-dicing mega-machines and bird lovers oppose the use of wind energy.”

What a great way to confront this laughable(to the educated-unfortunately very infuriating for those duped by the lies), false information and fake environmentalism in the name of stopping renewables. That is finally being met head on by this British group who believe that

“As one of the UK’s leading environmental organisations, it is important that we play a pro-active role in leading action towards meeting national carbon reduction targets – particularly given our concern about the threat of climate change to birds and wildlife.”

A bold move in the right direction by the RSPB and we commend their taking the lead by example, to set and keep the record straight, and keep their cause from being hijacked.