plug me in!
plug me in!

All Our Energy are proud to announce the launch of our public unity and education campaign to support and promote Off Shore Wind use and development off Long Island.

We will help everyone tell the world they like and want off shore wind power for their energy use.

We will bring together the high (polls indicate 78% and more approve) but near-invisible public support that exists for off shore wind off Long Island, and expand that support. We will empower everyone to publicly make a statement they are ready, make visual their support and eagerness to switch to offshore wind and generate a public discourse.

We will have visuals, (bumper/window) stickers, shirts and other ways people can display their desire to see off shore wind fully developed off Long Island. We will have several events to bolster outreach and grow the campaign.

There will be additional identifiable visuals and slogans rolled out as the campaign continues. We will produce several PSA-style videos to go with it.

We are teaming with other organizations like Sierra Club Beyond Coal to bring that offshore wind campaign on Long Island to college campuses and generate other public events, outreach opportunities and organizational partnerships.

If you're ready for off shore wind; stand up and say

"Plug Me In To Off Shore Wind!"

Plug In

what you Can Do

There is much you can do. Get involved. Attend our events and meetings. Sign up for email alerts. Come to our events or help us arrange a talk with your group.

You can: