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  • N.Y. Off Shore Wind Now, Big, Clean

    Develop our huge, home-grown New York Off Shore Wind power NOW!

      The resource is huge and located to meet NYC and LI demand. It will stabilize rates, lower pollution, cut carbon emissions, AND give birth to a New York clean energy economy. That economy could build, install and maintain the thousands of wind turbines needed for east coast wind development! It is succeeding all over the world. Make this a reality Here with:

    • ☑ A Commitment to the first 5000 MW of Wind easily available now and planned next steps.
    • ☑ A realistic yet aggressive timeframe. We went to the moon in seven years, we can do this in five!
    • ☑ Set Enforceable Renewable Energy Standards .
    • ☑ Set Power Purchase Agreements for Long Beach/Rockaway and Montauk sites.
    • ☑ Prioritization of Renewables for All new Energy Projects.

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    Plug me In To Off Shore Wind Visible Public Support to develop Off Shore Wind Power

      plugs are happy with off shore wind We will bring together the high (polls indicate 78% and more approve) but near-invisible public support that exists for off shore wind off Long Island, and expand that support. We will empower everyone to:
    • ☴ to publicly make a statement they are ready,
    • ☴make visual their support
    • ☴ Show their eagerness to switch to offshore wind
    • ☴and generate a public discourse
    • ☴and persuades decision makers to make it a reality
    • If you're ready for off shore wind; stand up and say "Plug Me In To Off Shore Wind!"

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  • Transition the City of Long Beach, NY to Reusable Bags! help eliminate single use plastic

      Long Beach, NY is a premiere place to live, shop, and visit, and should join the 5 other municipalities on Long Island and hundreds of towns, cities and states who have already passed similar reusable bag legislation.

    • ☑ Plastic bag pollution is an eyesore and damages our natural surroundings.
    • ☑ It causes sewer back-ups, never biodegrades, costs taxpayer dollars to clean up and store in landfills, harms wildlife, is part of the plastic soup accumulating in the ocean, and is generated from non-renewable fossil fuels.
    • ☑ Recycling single use plastic bags is a toxic and expensive process and not a viable solution. Less than 10% are actually recycled.
    • ☑ I pledge to bring my own reusable bags instead!

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    BYO Bag Long Beach Long Beach C.L.E.A.N.S.-U.P.

      which side are you on, by Editing Ninja

      Join our Long Beach campaign to eliminate Single Use plastic and the pollution it creates.

    • ☠ Where do the bags and other plastics end up?
    • ☠ At what cost to our environment, marine life and human health?
    • ☠ How do we change?
    • ☺ The fact is: It's actually Easy. Switch to reusable bags.
    • ☠ One reusable bag eliminates 1000 plastic bags!
    • Support our campaign to make plastic bag pollution a thing of the past.

    BYO Bag LB

    Partner program

  • Become Energy Efficient find out how

      The Long Island Green Homes Initiative is a partnership of Long Island Towns, not-for-profit community-based organizations and Molloy College that is helping Long Islanders improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

    • ☑ The new effort that helps Long Islanders to improve their homes and use energy more wisely in their everyday lives. In addition to reducing your home’s carbon footprint and saving you money, the Long Island Green Homes Initiative stimulates job growth and business opportunities—right here on Long Island

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    which side are you on? by editing ninja

      which side are you on, by Editing Ninja
    • ☀ the time has come to decide which side you are on.
    • ☁ pollution, degradation of our land, water, and air are no longer just "acceptable costs" of dirty energy!
    • ☀ none of those costs exist with renewable energy.
    • ☁ now that you've realized these are "costs" of dirty energy its time to decide!
    • make sure you choose wisely!

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