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  • Get N.Y. to Zero Sngle Use Waste recycle, reuse, refill- or redesign to be able to

      Single use plastic waste and pollution is expanding, but our systems for dealing with it are breaking down. We need management of these materials AT THE SOURCE, to assure a decline in use and a reuse of materials over their becoming further pollutants. We need policies that include mandating all packaging and "single use" items:

    • ☑ Be 100% Recyclable in NY or 100% compostable without chemicals, so it isn't waste.
    • ☑ Be made with a mandatory minimum percentage of recycled content, which rises to 100% over time
    • ☑ Be banned or severely limit all non-medically necessary single use items, especially plastic
    • ☑ It could mandate that producers take responsibility to reduce and recycle their packaging, with an aim of Zero Single Use items produced, to avoid it becoming a "pay to pollute" scheme.
    • ☑ It must not allow burning, melting, nor processes to burn plastics to be considered proper disposal, including "gasification", "chemical recycling", and "advanced recycling", all of which harm the environment and add to climate change.

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    Displace Dirty Fossil Fuels Bring on Renewables that displace them!

      we have a choice between a clean or dirty future Be part of our ocean-facing energy movement to Displace Dirty Fossil Fuels with renewable energy, like responsibly sited and developed offshore wind and large scale solar, including community projects.


  • Transition the City of Long Beach, NY to Reusable Bags! help eliminate single use plastic

      Long Beach, NY is a premiere place to live, shop, and visit, and should join the 5 other municipalities on Long Island and hundreds of towns, cities and states who have already passed similar reusable bag legislation.

    • ☑ Plastic bag pollution is an eyesore and damages our natural surroundings.
    • ☑ It causes sewer back-ups, never biodegrades, costs taxpayer dollars to clean up and store in landfills, harms wildlife, is part of the plastic soup accumulating in the ocean, and is generated from non-renewable fossil fuels.
    • ☑ Recycling single use plastic bags is a toxic and expensive process and not a viable solution. Less than 10% are actually recycled.
    • ☑ I pledge to bring my own reusable bags instead!

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    BYO Bag Long Beach Long Beach C.L.E.A.N.S.-U.P.

      mounds of plastic waste

      Join our Long Beach campaign to eliminate Single Use plastic and the pollution it creates.

    • ☠ Where do the bags and other plastics end up?
    • ☠ At what cost to our environment, marine life and human health?
    • ☠ How do we change?
    • ☺ The fact is: It's actually Easy. Switch to reusable bags.
    • ☠ One reusable bag eliminates 1000 plastic bags!
    • Support our campaign to make plastic bag pollution a thing of the past.

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