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How About Cutting the Average Family In on the Deal?

Great article from the Washington Monthly Magazine, explaining the underlying issue in most of our posts.


Click here to read “Rooftop Revenue” by Anya Schoolman.

It was tweeted to us by Community Power Network (@Power4theFuture):

“Government helps big corporations make billions off green energy. How about cutting the average family in on the deal?”


Wind and Renewable Energy: What is “Distributed Generation”

When talking about renewable energy, the topic of “Distributed Generation” comes up as another positive.  Distributed generation is the opposite of what our current electric grid currently is.  We currently have » Read more..

Wind And Renewable Energy: What are “feed in tariffs”

Feed in Tariffs (FiT’s) are a government set price or amount that a power producer like wind turbine owners can expect to receive as payment for their power produced. 

They have proven to be the fastest and cheapest way to promote massive growth in renewable energy, but all importantly, while still protecting the public interest by paying only for energy delivered.  Paying only for energy delivered should be preferred.  You know the deal: you work-you get paid. 

That would be unlike tax breaks and grants, which are the current method » Read more..