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Le Prix: Solar Decathlon 2014 Versailles


Last year, Team STATE, winners of the 2013 EmPower Solar Student Competition, went to the U.S. Solar Decathlon in California.

This year, EmPower solar are raising the stakes and will send the 2014 winners to the Solar Competition in Versailles, France.

Do you know a high school student on Long Island or in NYC? Encourage them to enter!

Students, it’s this simple:

  • Pick some teammates. We’re looking for teams of 2-4.
  • Register online here
  • Pick a building in your community that could benefit from going solar.
  • Use the provided worksheet to take a closer look at its solar potential.
  • Produce a creative and fun YouTube video to tell our guest judges why YOU deserve to win.

This Year’s awards night will be in May at the Town of Hempstead Energy Park.

You can find the 2014 competition instructions and registration form here.



Get your passports ready! We wish everyone the best of luck!

Offshore Wind For New York Summaries

Neal Lewis, of the Sustainability Institute at Molloy College Addresses The "Why Offfshore Wind" discussion at the Offshore Wind For New York Conference, November 13, 2013.
Neal Lewis, of the Sustainability Institute at Molloy College Addresses The "Why Offfshore Wind" discussion at the Offshore Wind For New York Conference, November 13, 2013.

Neal Lewis, of the Sustainability Institute at Molloy College Addresses The “Why Offfshore Wind” discussion at the Offshore Wind For New York Conference, November 13, 2013.

While I was making video clips of key notable and quotable speakers from the conference, a few different reports came in on Offshore Wind For New York 2013.

see those video reports here at All Our Energy’s You Tube Channel

You can check out the reports at these links below:

Highlights from the 3rd Annual Offshore Wind Conference By Annie McClelland At Citizens Campaign for the Environment.

Here is the article from Newsday:
LI wind-energy projects may get a second wind from LIPA, feds

By all means, please pass along any others you find!


Hearing : LNG Port Ambrose in Long Beach, NY

artwork by Surfrider Nick Lynn, he said "All the risks in this (project) make no sense to me"

artwork by Surfrider Nick Lynn, he said “All the risks in this (project) make no sense to me”

Related Posts:
Stop the LNG Port Off Our Shore

I and over 300 people attended the hearing and press conference in the Allegria Hotel Conference center, Too bad, two hours was nowhere near enough to let the 60+ people who signed up to speak get a shot at the microphone.

The Maritime Administration has extended comment » Read more..

Stop the LNG Port Off Our Shore

All Our Energy composite of BOEM /NYPA windfarm map, and Clean Ocean Action Map

All Our Energy composite of BOEM /NYPA windfarm map, and Clean Ocean Action Map showing approximate location of proposed Ambrose LNG Port in relation to Long Beach, Jones Beach, and The proposed NYPA offshore Wind Farm

Yes that’s right.. This is proposed right smack dab where the offshore wind farm is supposed to go.

I would think if this goes through, the wind farm won’t because it will become an issue of “navigation”. You know, 1000 foot long, 20 story high ships can’t exctly slalom through the wind turbines like an Olympic event!!

And when you look at it in this light, it is very obvious that this plan could even be an intentional block to the Wind Farm (and others!). Mostly because in and of itself, it doesn’t make a lot of sense right now it is kind of a mystery why we even need it or what the motivation is behind it. They never would have to actually even carry LNG. They could just be claiming the land under the ocean from the wind farms.

Although stopped before, this same Liberty Natural Gas project is now being fast-tracked once again. The race is on because they’re hoping to jam it through while the Long Island South Shore towns are still in disarray after Superstorm Sandy. They rush to do it while anywhere from 10 to 50% of the residents are still displaced from Sandy, rebuilding is going on, and in the MAJORITY OF CASES NOT GOING ON as homeowners fight for their insurance money on a daily basis. A great time while nobody can pay attention to it!

Spearheading the public outreach I’ve seen is NYC Surfriders

Please click on that link to find all their extensive organized information.

Very interesting to read there that there will be a continuous use of the water itself and moderate spillage is expected routinely-thats just how it’s done!

In addition to being the wrong way to go for our future, the Surfriders remind us

The port would be located near the entrance to the NY Harbor, in two active Coast Guard training areas, in the middle of a proposed offshore wind area, and among several fishing areas and wildlife migration routes. The port, south of Jones Beach, NY and east of Monmouth Beach, NJ, would be connected to an offshore pipeline just south of Atlantic Beach, NY.

Paid proponents have been filtering in pro-posts and commentary on local blogs and websites. Please take up the mantle and post your comment that we don’t need it. Nothing else to discuss.

Especially since :

the direct beneficiary of this port’s profits will be an account in the Cayman Islands with no more names, details, or specifics available.[that will be great to deal with when we have to go after somebody for negligence, damaging the environment, blowing up our towns]
… overseas energy markets will benefit from a new access point for U.S. natural gas exports. (Only) Liberty’s 6 permanent employees and 6 consultant companies (none of which are located in New York or New Jersey) will benefit –

Sign the petition to stop it by clicking on this link

You might be asking yourself right now

wait, I thought we had an abundance of natural gas right here in the US right now and the people in favor if it keep saying how cheap it is. Porponents will say “yes- those imports will help keep prices low.” so why do we need to import more? Why would some company invest in all this infrastructure with gas at such a low price.

They’re going to use this facility to broaden their market through export, which will RAISE prices and increase fracking in our local area. Not a dime will go into our economy, the company says this will employ virtually no one, and all the people of Long Islands South Shore will get is the dangers and risks.

click here -> Sea By The City in Long Beach has been running articles on this issue.


Another unbelievable question not being asked is

Where is the modern pipeline to carry this liquefied concentrated explosive?

Is it already under Long Beach?

Where does the concentrated liquified (un)natural gas go from the buoy?

How about the pipelines that will have to run under our towns, homes, beaches, bays, schools, day care centers, veterans hospitals, flag stores, puppy and kitten shelters etc (okay I might’ve just jumped the shark) 🙂 .

Based on recent and long term history of pipelines and fossil fuel companies, it cannot be trusted.
Especially in a “here-we-go-again, back door deal trying to slip it by, while good people aren’t looking”, kind of way. Especially as those good people clean up and try to restore their lives after a major disaster.

None of these companies is interested in the common good, only dollars.
No one in government is standing in their way and no one is punishing them when they f¥€% us up!
Good people are the only thing standing against them.

The reality is WE need to protect ourselves because no one else is.


There will be a public forum, posted as a facebook event by NYC Surfriders:

We need you there to show them we do not want any LNG station in our backyard! Make it out and let your voice be heard.

Date: Tuesday, July 9, 2013
Location: Allegria Hotel – 80 West Broadway, Long Beach
Open House: 4:30 — 5:30PM
Hearing: 6 pm to 8 pm

So until I see executives executed for willful crimes against humanity and future generations(heck i might even settle for some jail time); when problems happen because it was cheaper to take a fine than to fix something like, say the “Deepwater Horizon”, or the Arkansas Neighborhood pipeline, or the Dilbit Disaster Spill;

“NO” ‘s the word.


As loud as I can say it.


Ill be there July 9, 2013 to say it.

You can go to All Our Energy on Facebook
where you can click on and join the event and let them know you’re going.

You could also actually “like” us there and follow what we do from Facebook. 😉

I have also initiated the #NoPortAmbrose hashtag on twitter.

Much thanks to the NYC Surfriders, Sea By The City, and every one else getting the word out!

more to come!

EmPower-ing Lido Beach to go solar

EmPower Solar's new Lido Beach community pricing plan, photo courtesy EmPower Solar

EmPower Solar of Island Park is going all out to help residents of Lido Beach grab the solar dream.

EmPower Solar's new Lido Beach community pricing plan, photo courtesy EmPower Solar

EmPower Solar’s new Lido Beach community pricing plan, photo courtesy EmPower Solar

They recently announced their Lido Beach Community Solar Pricing Program. Born of meetings with local residents and civic groups, the idea has come to fruition and EmPower is offering a $750 discount plus an additional sliding scale of incentives for residents in the town of Lido Beach to go solar.

The more residents that go solar through the program, the bigger the discount they all get.

Their goal: 400 kW of solar by the summer.

To help you get there, EmPower Solar is offering Lido Beach homeowners an upfront discount on the price of your system. With an extra tiered community pricing system, the more homeowners who go solar, the more everyone saves.

As part of the program, they will be hosting a solar tour day and event on April 20, 2013.
Residents can see solar power systems right in their own neighborhood, see how they work, and talk directly with what EmPower refers to as their ambassadors [Em-bassadors? ; )].
To qualify for the Community discount, Lido Beach residents must sign their contract with EmPower Solar by the program deadline of May 31, 2013 and participate in at least one ambassador activity.

So Lido Beach residents, if you’ve ever been thinking about going solar, now is the time. Might I also mention that while solar prices have been going down, so have the incentives available, and it is unlikely they’ll continue to be this good.

There’s really just a question to ask with your current LIPA Bill :
what’s the payback period on that?


What’s the payback on a solar power system? 5 1/2 to 7 1/2 years is usually about average.

What are you doing about your share of pollution created for the electricity you use, in addition to your “carbon footprint”. 

Find out by clicking here from the Nature Conservancy’s carbon footprint calculator.


I personally like to think of it this way- are you planning to retire soon?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you were not going to have an electric bill for the remainder of your retirement? You know that electric bill isnt going to do anything but go up between now and then!

Too young to retire? Well may I suggest just retiring from paying an electric bill  5 to 7 years from now?

To find out for yourself, or to get more informatioon on the Solar Tour Event on April 20,  please contact Tara Bono at the number below or at or follow the information below:


EmPower Solar contact Information


**for the record, All Our Energy is not affiliated with EmPower solar, we are just getting word out about a program available to residents.  Please contact them for all related information. 


New York 100% renewable by 2030.


This recent study is making waves across the renewable energy community into mainstream media.

This latest study from Stanford Professor Mark Z. Jacobson et al shows just how New York State could accomplish this.

Click here to see the study

I really love the explanations about “why not natural gas”, “why not biofuels”

And especially the use strictly of WWS (wind, water and sunlight).

You really should check it out
Some great maps and graphics!

They’re not the first to point us in the right direction.  Renewable Energy Long Island shiowed the way last year with their Long Island Clean Electricity Vision.

Probably the most important thing to go along with this (you know- besides doing the right thing for our children, our planet and the future) is the infrastructure and manufacturing base that would be born right here of the necessity to make this happen.

That would be a boon to the economy, help pay to fix crumbling and in need of repair infrastructure, and create tens of thousands of jobs. It could start an entire industry that could supply the rest of the world by investing in and succeeding in doing something like this right here.

Of course we would like to see more of this or that in the list. Someone
has shown the way. We should not let the desire for (that creates waiting for) the “perfect” scenario to outweigh the rewards of the success that can be achieved by acting, and by acting now.

It’s very easy everybody! Not the undertaking itself, that is work – but we definitely can do it. What is easy is it can be done if we decide to do it.

That’s it! If we decide to do it there’s nothing else stopping us. The final details would get hammered out. The “oh too bad we can’t do it”‘s would mean we just find a different way to reach 100% that works for the problematic few percent.

Would it be a “failure” if we only got to 90 or 95% by 2030?

What if, by acting now we can do 150% by then, and export the rest to another state to our west to cut down on the fossil fuel pollution they create that blows our way?

Welcome Back to Our Friend


Thanks to Patrick (and Tara, Anthony and Melissa) who alerted us today that as of 5 PM the Point Lookout wind turbine is back in action!

Welcome back!

Questions: is the Point Lookout Wind Turbine Broken?

fake picture of the Point Lookout Wind Turbine being "broken"

no, it’s not a real picture!!! but the real thing is “awaiting maintainence”

It’s no secret the Point Lookout Wind Turbine, at the Town of Hempstead Energy Park is not working. Best I can tell it stopped working the second week of January(?)

There’s been some inquiries here from people wanting to know what’s up, including Gayle and Tara who posted.
I spoke with Town of Hempstead officials yesterday who confirmed it is “awaiting maintenance”. The windsmiths needed to fix it are from out of state and I was told they’re coming as soon as they can.

so.. yep, dang thing’s broken!

As answered before, it auto shuts down every time the power on the local grid goes out, which has been often here in Point Lookout, especially since Sandy.

I do believe its “breaking” did coincide with one of these power outages, as their other small turbine stopped working simultaneously. That one’s been back up and running since shortly after that time.

thanks for your inquiries…it’s good to know other people have been silently admiring it, and miss it working, too!


Gayle posed a great question.. is it named?  and what would we name it?

Report-Sierra Club & Community Voices for Clean Energy Rally @ Point Lookout Wind Turbine

Sierra Club's Emma Boorboor leads the days events

Sierra Club’s Emma Boorboor leads the days events

Tuesday September 25, 2012: Point Lookout, NY. – Today Sierra Club partnered with Community Voices for Clean Energy at the Point Lookout Clean Energy Park to tell LIPA we need Renewable Energy, and not to lock us into fossil fuels for the next 30 years, as LIPA decide Long Island’s energy future. 

Under watch of the 156 foot tall wind turbine, the speakers laid out why we all need to tell LIPA to invest, and heavily, in renewable energy as they decide what they are going to build and use for Long Island’s needed electricty generation-for the next 30-40 years!!! 

At their upcoming October 2, 2012 board meeting, LIPA will be deciding how they are going to generate electricity, in many cases going out 20-30 years or more.  The Sierra Club said:

“This show of support for clean energy comes at a critical juncture, as LIPA debates various sources of new power for Long Island homes.

All of the community members at this rally came out to express their concern about the current sources of energy generation and share their hope for Long Island’s energy future. Currently, both the State of New York and LIPA are failing to meet their renewable energy goals of 30% renewable sources by 2015 set by the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard, which LIPA voluntarily committed to. The current debate over new sources of energy generation presents the best opportunity for LIPA to keep their promise to Long Islanders.”

Speakers presented their thoughts:

Dan Sabia, president of Built Well Solar

Dan Sabia, president of Built Well Solar, explains, “LIPA has a big decision to make soon, to continue to support clean energy here on Long Island. [LIPA] has the opportunity to help solidify Long Island’s position as a leader in renewable energy by moving forward with … clean energy.”

Andre Robinson, engineering student at Farmingdale State

Andre Robinson, engineering student at Farmingdale State said: “The Long Island I would like to see is leading the country in clean energy innovation because LIPA made the right decision to invest in clean energy now for our future. Because of this the Long Island I see has good job opportunities…  jobs that pay well and promote healthy communities at the same time.”


Speaking as a mother, Bahar Zoghi said, “I think it’s time we really think more clearly about that..

“Speaking as a mother,” Bahar Zoghi said, “with [global warming, carbon dioxide emissions, pollution]… if we keep depending on fossil fuels, conditions will just get worse. I think it’s time we really think more clearly about that, not just for us but for our kids. We owe that to them and the next generation.”

Peter Gollon, Energy Chair of the Long Island Sierra Club, challenged LIPA

Peter Gollon, Energy Chair of the Long Island Sierra Club, challenged LIPA to have the “courage” to make this necessary change. He said, “We are here to tell them to find the courage to actually lead us into the future of renewable energy, where we all know we have to go…Our children and grandchildren can’t wait”


We dont think we can wait either.
We are at a crossroads.
The way is pretty clear.
So what the HECK are we waiting for?

If the wrong decision is made, we will be stuck with dirty energy for a looooong time, and the future on Long Island will be delayed a generation.

TAKE ACTION: Click on this link> Tell LIPA- We need clean energy. follow the instructions to let LIPA know you want clean energy.

NY and East Coast Offshore Wind


View off the Long Island South Shore off shore wind farm

Our representation of what the proposed offshore wind farm will look like from the area beaches. Can you see the turbines?
Well you won’t be able to, so we didn’t even bother to photoshop them in!

Two articles floating today you need to know about.  

First up is  East Coast Could be Powered by Wind  from Jake Richardson at Cleantechnica.   It describes how the ENTIRE east coast could be powered by 100% offshore wind power.


Second is an incredibly well thought out and in-depth look at…

The Turning Point for Atlantic Offshore Wind Energy from Catherine Bowes and Justin Allegro at National Wildlife Federation

Check out their FULL REPORT: The Turning Point for Atlantic Offshore Wind Energy: Time for Action to Create Jobs, Reduce Pollution, Protect Wildlife & Secure America’s Energy Future (pdf)

How do we help others get it, and see it’s interconnected-

  • create jobs,
  • reduce pollution,
  • protect wildlife,
  • secure America..?

                                   your suggestions…???