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Ready for our 5/18/16 day of Action for Off Shore Wind

In the morning we will be assembling in front of LIPA Headquarters in Uniondale for a demonstration of support for offshore wind for the required new power generation on LI.



LIPA are meeting tomorrow as they consider new dirty energy plants for the east end right now, or get new power from an off shore wind farm 30 miles off Montauk, coupled with grid-size battery storage, that supplies that power cleanly, reliably, and economically.

We are staging a visual action outside their offices as we raise a 20 foot tall mock wind turbine and giant plugs as we say “Plug Me In to Off Shore Wind” and ask LIPA to lead us into the next generation, not lock us into dirty fuels of the past.  We have hand made signs, placards and stickers from Sierra Club and more for everyone to get their hands on and show their support!


Join All Our Energy, Long Island Progressive Coalition, NYPIRG, Mothers Out Front, and the Sierra Club for this memorable and newsworthy event.  Then we will go in to LIPA’s board meeting and testify that the time for off shore wind is NOW


Then in the evening join us to speak out at the NY State Public Service Commission’s “Clean Energy Standard” (CES) hearing in Mineola to determine the future of clean energy programs in the state. Local community groups including All Our Energy, Long Island Progressive Coalition, NYPIRG, Mothers Out Front, and the Sierra Club, will call on Governor Cuomo to make an enforceable commitment to renewable energy that includes large-scale offshore wind power. By compelling utilities and public energy authorities to purchase a certain amount of renewable power each year, the CES could make the Governors goal of generating 50 percent of New York States electricity from renewables by 2030 a reality!

We urge you to come speak and make sure we get the renewable energy future we deserve. Please bring a printed version of your comments to turn in if you must leave, just to be on the record, or if you have too much to say, but will be brief anyway!

Matt’s Wind Letter Published in Newsday

Our own Matt Kearns’ letter to the editor was published in Newsday.


Letter: Shift quickly to wind power offshore


The timing couldn’t have been better as we roll out our “Day of Action” for renewables on LI.

Josh Fox LI Film Premiere

The new Josh Fox film, How to Let Go of the World and Love All The Things Climate Can’t Change, was moving and powerful.  It was a full house and we met many new friends, Matt Kearns engaged with a powerful talk with fantastic audience participation!
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Check out the tweet from LIPC, which got some major love and some famous retweeters as well!


Send a Postcard to LIPA for Off Shore Wind

Postcards are available now for you to write and send to the LIPA board!











Let LIPA know you are in favor of off shore wind! We will have these at all events for the public to sign!!!
We have plenty, but they need to get to LIPA ASAP to make an impact and let them know the public supports OSW instead of new fossil fuels!!

Today we told LIPA- its time for renewables!


Today we rallied at the Long Island Power Authority Trustee meeting to tell them “Plug Me In To Off Shore Wind!”

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All Our Energy were part of over 100 activists and demonstrators at this week’s LIPA Board meeting.

LIPA Chairman Suozzi asked, and not a single person in the room was against developing off shore wind. I spoke in favor of moving forward with off shore wind right now for the power they need to generate for the South Fork of LI.  For the same price we can have clean energy with battery storage from an off shore wind farm 30 miles from Montauk, or build new fossil fuel power plants and gas pipelines to feed them across the island, including sensitive nature areas.  Why would we not move into the renewable energy future??

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read about it here:

Dozens protest to approve offshore LI wind turbines
VIDEO: Dozens rally for LIPA approval of offshore wind turbines

Plus about the Off Shore Wind Forum from last week in East Hampton


Forward Long Island Off Shore Wind

20140528-075045.jpgimage courtesy Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

May 27, 2014. Today the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, as part of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan to create American jobs, develop domestic clean energy sources and cut carbon pollution, announced it will move forward with a competitive bid process to lease the designated Wind Energy area off Nassau County’s South Shore.

The area, at its smallest point, starts 11 miles off Long Beach, NY. It widens and moves away from that spot, to approximately 19 miles away(see map). This area will be just barely visible from shore on clear days. The turbines should appear shorter and many times less wide than the majority of tanker and cargo ships that continuously sit off Long Beach on any given day.


Due to multiple inquiries of interest to develop the wind farm, BOEM has opened up the area for competitive bidding and is seeking public input on two issues that may impact future wind development offshore New York:

1) a liquefied natural gas facility that has now been proposed to be located in this same area which had already been designated for wind power

2) existing commercial and recreational fishing activity in and around the region.


In editorial response to these issues, All Our Energy are already on record AGAINST the LNG port for a multitude of reasons. You can find that information here : Stop the LNG Port Off Our Shore from June 2013.

As far as affecting commercial and recreational fishing, check out New Jersey’s “Fisherman’s Energy“, a consortium of fishing interests trying to be the people to bring offshore wind to New Jersey (and may very well bid on this project ). They believe it is not only a “cash crop” for fisherman and right for the future of our energy generation, it would also help fishing as it creates an artificial reef that provides fish with habitat to foster greater abundance of fish. They say :”Fishermen’s Energy is a developer of offshore wind energy projects, founded by New Jersey commercial fishermen to respond to the public’s need to develop the ocean for renewable wind energy. Fishermen’s goal is to turn Atlantic coastal waters into an unmatched source of clean energy, while maintaining a vibrant commercial fishing industry.”

You can leave your comments for BOEM by clicking on this link

We believe properly sited, with environmental best practices used, through companies committed for the long term, with long term price assurances, this will be the best thing to happen to assure Long Island’s clean energy future.

Wind 100 countdown begins!


Save the date and time! One month from today!
Exact location in the Long Beach Area to be announced.

Our friend Matthew Kearns is running 100 + miles to bring attention to the growing need for and easy availability of Offshore Wind power here on Long Island.

You and I will be there to turn that attention to help Governor Cuomo understand we support moving to offshore wind NOW and help him act on offshore wind power.

Matt is running 100 miles. If you support renewable energy and offshore wind power for Long Island, the least you can do is put aside a couple hours to attend this event.


Be a part of this historical moment and movement. Be there!

RSVP to Sierra Club here: yes I will be there to cheer Matt on and support renewable energy and offshore wind!

Get ready for “Wind 100” Long Island!


To coincide with Global Wind Day, I’ve been working with Sierra Club to help bring Offshore Wind to Long Island!

It can now be announced “Wind 100” will be a Long Island-wide event. It starts in Montauk and culminates in a truly grand finale in Long Beach!

To help impact public awareness to the day, the event and the cause, Sierra Club Member Matthew Kearns will be running over 100 miles (WOW !) from Montauk to Long Beach where he will arrive at a huge event for wind power! It is not just a coincidence he will run through town after town that was affected by Superstorm Sandy. He wants to raise awareness that we must switch from dirty fossil fuels, that also fuel climate change, to clean wind energy.

Mr Kearns said his concept is he is running from Montauk, known as “the End” and feels his run represents going from fossil fuels’ “end to a new beginning” in clean energy.

Save the Date:

WHO: Wind Energy Supporters, Special VIPs, and you!
WHAT: Wind 100 Rally for Wind
WHEN: Evening of Saturday, June 14,
WHERE: Long Beach, NY. exact location TBD

Please contact All Our Energy here to get involved.


You can go to the Sierra Club page to register to volunteer or attend by clicking here

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Happy Earth Day 2014


Happy Earth Day!

What are you doing to commemorate?

My efforts are ongoing.

I have alluded to an upcoming event and it is happening. It’s going to be BIG! I can’t reveal more just yet, other than to say…

Save the date:

June 14, 2014

No, it is not a coincidence it lines up with Global Wind Day…!

Would you like to be involved?

Get in touch:

March 2014 News Stories

screen capture of the top of our new home page!

screen capture of the top of our new home page!

Ok, I can now reveal a complete revamp of our main website as seen here!

Check it out at
It is still not 100% done, its a work in progress and several features are being finished right now.
I doubt the word “done” will ever come to mind in relation to it, as I hope for it to always grow, change and remain fresh…

As you are one our core followers, I’d like any input you may have to help advance our outreach to the general public, businesses, orgs, politicians and others to create conversations, and help ignite interest, expand knowledge and inspire action to bring about the clean energy revolution.


other important and topical news items:

New York State Energy Plan Hearings
Yours truly attended the hearings on New York’s energy plan at SUNY Farmingdale on March 3, 2014.
In my debut, I actually signed up and spoke about it to the State representatives and made the case that the energy plan needs better vision and paths to achieve more renewable energy.
I believe this is showing TONIGHT- March 17 at 9:30 or 10:30 PM on Cablevision Channel 20 with additional footage Thursday March 20 at 3PM and 4PM as well.



As oil and gas interests and conservative media here exploit the crisis in Crimea to call for more fracking, pipelines, LNG Ports etc.(and express their infatuation with and admiration for ruthless, democracy hating, shirtless Dictators),
The European Wind Energy Association reminded them and everyone else that though he can mess with their fossil fuel supplies, Vladamir Putin Can’t Shut down their Wind Energy!!

Up For Climate! 31 Senators insisted on making the case for action on global Climate Change by speaking all night about it. Thanks to our Senators Schumer and Gillibrand plus Senators Booker of NJ, Warren and Markey of MA, Sanders Of VT, Blumenthal and Murphy of CT, and from NH Shaheen and Whitehouse who led the charge on Up For Climate!
The state by state Roadmap to 100% renewable energy by 2050

Last days for high school students to register for the EmPower Solar Student contest 2014
Winners go to Solar Decathlon 2014. in Versailles France!

US Natural gas fail 2014. right when they needed it, windpower saved the day as natural gas came up short.
Paul Gipe serves em up like few can.
Charting Offshore Wind’s Next Course
bits and pieces from the recent Boston area offshore wind conference
some promising news on the wave energy front:
World’s largest wave energy project could supply 62.5 megawatts at peak power
Overreliance on Natural Gas: Risky for the climate and the economy
“More natural gas is a bridge to a warmer world”
Wind Energy Economic and Environmental so many outright lie op eds out there, most from actual paid lobbyists, so here’s a good one that fights back from Maine, where wind energy makes headway against tiny but well funded and even better connected opposition, in a place where wind energy is a “no brainer”.
have you got stories, experiences or thoughts to share? let us know. after all, YOU are All Our Energy!